Bonus playlist Wednesday: Best of 2009 edition


All 72 counties in Wisconsin are officially in a state of emergency. The National Guard is helping people off the highways. A blizzard warning is in effect until midnight tomorrow. We’re getting over a foot of the white stuff. Gusting winds, up to 50 MPH, are expected to cause some crazy-dangerous snowdrifts. The governor has asked people not to leave their homes.


In a few months I’ll doubtless be stir-crazy, pale, and sick of winter, but tonight⎯toasty and safe, with a mug of hot chocolate, twinkling Christmas lights, and the promise of a snow day wrapped around me like a blanket⎯life is really, really good.


So it’s a little early for a year-end playlist, but here are some of my favorite tunes from 2009. What are yours?

1. This Tornado Loves You⎯Neko Case
2. Never Forget You⎯The Noisettes
3. Parachute (alt. version)⎯Shugo Tokumaru
4. The Palace At 4 AM⎯A.C. Newman
5. Islands⎯The xx
6. Ghostwriter⎯Garotas Suecas
7. Don’t Rush⎯Tegan and Sara
8. Keep A Secret⎯The Whitest Boy Alive
9. Happy Up Here⎯Röyksopp
10. The Girl And The Robot (ft. Robyn)⎯Röyksopp
11. Paper Airplanes⎯Fujiya & Miyagi
12. Anthonio (Designer Drugs Remix)⎯Annie
13. Poison Lips⎯Vitalic
14. Lisztomania⎯Phoenix
15. The Passenger⎯Art Brut
16. Malibu Gas Station⎯Sonic Youth
17. The Sweetest Thing⎯Camera Obscura
18. Birthday⎯The Bird And The Bee
19. Be With You⎯Minitel Rose
20. South Of France⎯Harlem
21. Heart Sweats⎯Japandroids

6 responses to “Bonus playlist Wednesday: Best of 2009 edition”

  1. trixie says:

    rachel, this list is awesome!
    can’t wait to play it, downloading now.

    and oh! the snowstorm, the hot chocolate, the government mandate to stay inside your house!
    so fun. enjoy.


  2. Dave says:

    I have a well-known deficit of “fun” music in my collection that I am always so happy to remedy with Rachel’s mixes. Will tonight turn into an impromptu dance party? Perhaps.

  3. J-man says:

    I’m so excited about your playlist, Rachel! I’m just about to go have some tea at a nearby spot, and you’ve inspired me to bring my headphones along. I’m also a bit jealous of your inclement weather. It’s been down in the high 30’s the past couple of nights and we’re freezing our bums off, but of course we Californians have silly things like leaky french windows, only 1 heater (livingroom) and no insulation. I long for snow, hot chocolate, fireplace, and enforced homebody-ism. Enjoy your snow day!

  4. Rachel says:

    Thanks to all! It’s been a pretty great day (except for one of the cats knocking over the Christmas tree). Orange pekoe, Robert Wyatt, and a giant Neal Stephenson novel I’ve been wanting to tackle for a while. Good snowy day stuff. We might even get two days at home out of this storm (!).

    Can’t wait to hear what others have been listening to in 2009. (Hint.) Will there be another exquisite T-Dub mix?

  5. LP says:

    I’m not a fan of wintry weather, but I have to say your post made me long for a snow day! Glad you’re enjoying the season.

  6. Tim says:

    Hey! Great mix! I don’t miss shoveling snow or driving in it, but days like the one(s) you’ve had are perfect.

    Will there be another exquisite T-Dub mix?

    Oh jeez, now the pressure’s on! I’m planning on doing a mix, but mine probably won’t be ready until January.