The Monday Photo (Happy Birthday Samuel Langhorne Clemens)

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November 30, 1835, Florida Missouri

5 responses to “The Monday Photo (Happy Birthday Samuel Langhorne Clemens)”

  1. K-S says:

    Maybe everyone should help generate a list of their favorite Twainisms…because his wisdom and humor were legendary. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite but here’s a pithy little number:

    “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.”

  2. lane says:

    “Chloroform in print” – god i know, it’s a mormon reference. sorry.

    it is funny though. great idea KS. (hailing from the great state of Missouri!)

  3. K-S says:

    and i deliberately avoided the awesome twainography on mormonism. fwiw, he has an interesting (and short) summary of his unusual position on one of the “twin evils” of the mid-19th c. (the other was slavery) here, for anyone interested: http://www.twainquotes.Mormonism.html

  4. K-S says:

    That’s “twin evils of bararism, slavery and polygamy.”

  5. Mark says:

    I’ve always been partial to his essay, “The Awful German Language”.

    Speaking a little of the Deutschsprache myself, it’s easy to recognize how accurately he portrays its little (or somewhat bigger) quirks.