The Monday Photo (Art Agnos google image search . . . 5th place!)

art agnos

Hey, so I thought this was cool.  Art Agnos was the first San Fransisco mayor to ride in the pride parade.  He’s a somewhat important California politician.  And my shot of him is in fifth place.  I was surprised to learn this as Jeff Koons and Milk came up on FB and I noted this little trivial thing.

6 responses to “The Monday Photo (Art Agnos google image search . . . 5th place!)”

  1. ScottyGee says:

    Slow down, Lane. Breath.

    5th place in what? What little trivial thing? FB?

  2. lane says:

    ok, sorry i know this is convoluted.

    when you google something, the image search is part of the search now. and of course google has a separate “image” search as well.

    no one really knows how google ranks these listings, and it’s part of the heart of their success. it’s some formula as to most popular and most relavant and so forth. this is one of the things i find interesting about these “google image search” posts on single words. “cute”, “a slow death” and so forth. why exactly does that image come up “first.”

    So on FB I was in a conversation that at one point I referenced this Jeff Koons as Art Agnos thing in the film Milk. The other party didn’t know who Art Agnos was, but then two minutes later did, by googling him. So I did it, just to look at the guy’s wiki. And the image search came up as well.

    If you look at Art Agnos’ on line images, there are lots and lots of photos of the guy. And this one comes up in 5th place. Why exactly? It hasn’t been up that long. I didn’t send it around advertising it (although that is not beyond me.) For some reason, the googlemind and picked it and pushed it up the charts of “Images of Art Agnos.”

    On a completely personal note. I am proud of that particular photo. I shot it from the DVD playback, and I think it’s interesting in capturing Jeff Koons as an actor.

    Anyway, does that for fully flesh out the idea?

  3. lane says:

    “more” fully . . .

  4. lane says:

    hey, and now the image seems to be lost . . . i did a screen capture and up loaded it from that, do i have a technical fuck up here?

  5. ScottyGee says:

    Thank you for the details, Mr. Twitchell. I now feel included.

  6. curious bystander says:

    There now seem to be two versions of this thread going on, one with two comments and one for which this will be number 6.