Fine art made finer

The McNaughton “Fine Art” company has made available a print called “One Nation Under God,” packed with symbolism and helpfully annotated. Click here to see the work with its original meanings explained, including the depiction of a tormented Supreme Court justice and an evil “Mr. Hollywood.”

The image below isn’t the print, because unfortunately you can’t copy that image from the website. But it’s essentially the same attitude, and I wanted to have a picture of some sort, so enjoy:

one nation under GOD

Helpfully, the fine folks at have provided a new, more accurate annotated version of “One Nation Under God.” Assuming it hasn’t been removed for copyright reasons (I’m posting this a week in advance), click here to see it. “Mr. Hollywood” is still going to hell, for bringing us “Beverly Hills Chihuahua,” but everything else has changed.

I love the internets.

10 responses to “Fine art made finer”

  1. Dave says:

    The original is very slow to load, but trust me, people, when I tell you it’s totally worth it.There are mouseover explanations for the symbolism. It’s great.

  2. lane says:

    WOW! now THIS is “Art”

    come on GW! show lisa some love

    “Emperor Palpatine”! god that’s good.

  3. goy ahoy says:

    I’m trying to figure out how much of this is Mormon and how much is Evangelical right wing nuttery more generally. Can someone help out? I notice that it’s produced in Utah, and some other parts of it seem Mormon. But it seems at least partly designed to appeal to a broader Christian market. Are Evangelicals invested in the Divine Constitution the way that Mormons seem to be? Is this related to the Glen Beck –> Cleon Skousen connection Lane pointed out recently?

  4. lane says:

    wow . . . this is amazing. i’m just now seeing the two different explanitory keys.

    3. now now, this isn’t a mormon site (just kidding) it does bear some resemblance to other kitschy jesus pictures from that culture. but this is obviously so much bigger than that.

    The sincere discription of the professor is the best. KS?!?! are you reading this Waterman, Wells, Jeremy? (and any of you other academics!) YOU PEOPLE PUT YOURSELVES ON EQUAL FOOTING WITH THE LORD!!!!!!!

    SHAME on you!

    and come on! you all thought yesterday was nauseating?

  5. ScottyGee says:

    Parrish, this is the most entertaining post I’ve read in some time! I seriously had to mouse over every symbol and read the artist’s knucklehead explanation. I especially liked the fifty stars: “represent the fifty states of the Union. Some shine brighter than others.” The weird thing is that the first time I moused over the stars, the explanation went on: “…for example, Vermont is barely visible.”

    And the mother with the “handycap” child?? HOLY CROW!!! This is amazing! Don’t hate me Whatsitsers if I buy this.

  6. Dave says:

    Notice that the token Black college student is holding a Cleon Skousen book.

  7. goy ahoy says:

    4: I just wondered what was up re: the fact this was produced and ships from Utah. No offense intended. And yes, I think this is more disturbing than the anatomy business yesterday.

  8. reddog says:

    Ask not the cost of art, but sell all you have for beauty.

  9. Dave says:

    This didn’t really deserve its own biscuit, but I imagine its public overlaps with the McNaughton’s to some extent. (Via JP Stormcrow in Unfogged comments.)

  10. lane says:

    god that’s so creepy about the black guy holding the skousen book!

    and it’s great that the mockumentary site describes jesus as looking like Aaron Eckhart.

    This artist is mormon and lives in utah with his wife and EIGHT children.