Some objects of desire.

This summer we went to Europe.

We ate a lot of great food,

drank delicious wine,
tim drinking rose'

visited as many museums as we possibly could,

visited a good friend,
susanne miata

swam in the Mediterranean,
jen beach

and saw many beautiful things. Here are a few:

The South of France:
fontfroid front
Fontfroide Abbey

cloisters 1
The Cloisters

music room
There’s a recording studio about this room! Seriously.

green urn

mary mural

iron nipplegate
Wheels of steel.

tim outstanding
A man outstanding in his field. Heh.

happy fish
Thee happiest of fish.

tim on hold
Tim on hold with god.

disco necklace
The velvet rope of yore.

midcent mod
Midcentury moderne.

Why do white people always do this?

The Mediterranean Sea:
tim beach
I never got his name…


palau balcony
Palau de Musica – the most beautiful building in Spain….

palau arch

palau pillar closeup
…this is all inlaid mosaic tile.

Where Spaniards go for their stamp needs.

This guy came to Barcelona 20 years ago to party….
gnome trash
and never left.

pequena ayuda
“¿Pequeña ayuda aqui?”

sagrada long shot
They have medication for this now.

turtle pillar
This is waaayyyy too much responsibility.

angel band
Angel band

blue meanie
Blue Meanie

bomb closeup
A bomb?! Really?! (Yes. Look closely at the object in the hand.)


Boo-yah, ScottyGee!
We went to Bro-hannesburg!

How the other half lived.

dem volke
Der folks.

friends metro
Riding on the metro-0-0.

tim hipstersusie hipsterjen hipster
Hipster bar in Kreuzberg, the Williamsburg/Silverlake of Berlin.

our planet
What’s left of the wall.

future will eat itself
But only after it finishes its pop.

monster 2monster 3
the monsters of Mitte.

rad cafe
Radical artsy left-wing cafe in Mitte.

The murals therein:
mural 3mural 1

more art
Look – more art!

some objects of desire

9 responses to “Some objects of desire.”

  1. ScottyGee says:

    Did you see the Hacky Sack exhibit at the Brohan? I remember finding it quite moving.

    Thanks for sharing the photos. I particularly love the one of the dude posing with the water bottle.

  2. Rachel says:

    Happy fish!!!

  3. g.a. says:

    I’m jealous in 15 directions at the same time. What a trip!

  4. Natasha says:

    I like the radical artsy left-wing cafe in Mitte! If I lived there, I’d so be hanging out there every day. I also like the monsters. I’d be painting them in that café.

  5. J-man says:

    Godfree, yer a funny man.
    BTW, I just noticed a typo – the caption for the third picture down in the South of France section should say “there’s a recording studio ABOVE this room”. I did a double-take when I heard that fact mentioned on the tour. It looks like there have been recordings of medieval chant recorded there (unsurprisingly). I imagined artists more along the lines of U2 or Brian Eno would record there. Still researching….

  6. Tim says:

    Scotty, when we were there they had a special exhibit going: “Board Shorts and Backward Caps: Brohan Fashion through the Years.” It was totally happenin.

  7. Dave says:

    I second g.a.’s comment.

    Re: radical artsy left-wing cafés, I went to one in St. Petersburg and found it kinda disappointing. Not a bad place to hang out, but I felt our presence there degraded the place. Aren’t they the kind of thing that can be enjoyed properly only if you live nearby or are there as an exchange student or something like that?

  8. J-man says:

    The cafe was pretty empty when I was there, and you’re correct Dave, I only found out about it through my friend Susanne, who we were visting and who took me there because she knew I’d like it. It’s also a bar at night, at which time I’m guessing would be teeming with hipsters. I think when I was younger I felt more a part of these type of things, but as I’ve gotten older I realize that I’m just as bourgeious as anyone else ;)

  9. LP says:

    Davey B, your presence only enhances any radical artsy left-wing environment. But you really should have worn a beret.