6 responses to “glenn”

  1. g.a. says:

    I have to say, I really didn’t want to click through that link, worried that I’d just find a YouTube clip or something. But … wow. Who knew? What a bizarre set of alliances. I’m certain his masses of followers don’t realize they’re being led by a Cold War Mormon conspiracy guru. But then again, they don’t read anything rooted in the real world, so how will they ever find out?

  2. g.a. says:

    By the way, had anyone ever heard of “Reform Mormonism” before? I’d never encountered that denomination. So I just fucking Googled it. What a trip: who knew there was a new splinter group of Mormons that simultaneously wants to return to Joseph Smith, but without polygamy, and liking gay people. It seems sort of like Unitarianism for disgruntled Mormons. Anyone know anyone who’s into this shit?

  3. Cleon is from Raymond, my family’s home town up in Alberta. He was a close personal friend of my grandfather, and I grew up surrounded by author-signed copies of all of his books. Glenn Beck is an ass, and it breaks my heart to think that the religious traditions of my ancestors are being turned into neo-McCarthyism and homophobia. I would have to imagine these are especially hard times to be a thoughtful Mormon.

  4. Dave says:

    My parents have several Skousen books on the shelves. I shouldn’t have been surprised when my brother told me they were into Beck. Yeesh.

  5. g.a. says:

    the religious traditions of my ancestors are being turned into neo-McCarthyism and homophobia

    Isn’t that what this Skousen guy already did? Not to mention the official leaders, even if they were skeptical of his extremism? It’s not like Mormons weren’t already right-wing homophobes … (present company excluded, obviously)

  6. lane says:

    “Fantasies can have serious consequences. ”

    I’ve written it here and i stand by it; on old Joe Smith “His art makes Picasso’s look like child’s play and Matthew Barney’s . . . infantile.”