Stella and the sheepdog trials

After the excitement of the fell race, Stella arrived at the sheepdog trials.

general sheepdog

Besides the competition, there were many other forms of entertainment, including spinning,


a farmyard petting zoo,

hen with chicks

ice cream,




and the North West Stickmakers.


But the main attraction was the sheepdog trials.

The judges watched from a special van,

judges van

while the contestants brought the sheep from across the field and herded them, if successful, in to a pen.  And let’s remember, sheep are incredibly skittish and not terribly bright.

sheepdog 1

sheepdog 2

sheepdog 4

sheepdog 5

sheepdog 6

sheepdog 7

A spectacular pair; not everyone succeeded.  Stella is now in total awe of the human and canine competitors even though she feels badly for the sheep.

2 responses to “Stella and the sheepdog trials”

  1. ks says:

    Awwww, my border collie and I really enjoyed this. And so nice to see real beer (as opposed to Bud Lite) being sold at such an event.

  2. g.a. says:

    It’s Friday! And even though Stella was W we still got another one! What a nice week.