Summer delight

I just enjoyed this:


3 responses to “Summer delight”

  1. I can see its charm–a (pregnant?) girl in a bikini, dancing to calypto-like music in the surf, enjoying the sun and the simplicity of the moment.

    But the dancer in me cringes–very little of her movement feels original and spontaneous, even if it might be. She’s got all of the classic ballet moves in there, even if there’s only one or two leaps and hops, and by watching her ankles and the evenness of her step, I can tell she’s classically trained in dance. And that makes it less enjoyable. Her confidence is enjoyable to watch, and that’s also part of the charm of the video, but the setting and the music and the costume beg for the movement to be wilder, less restrained.

  2. Tim says:

    Well, I thought this video was fun. Also, Jen and I saw Zach Condon and some (presumed) bandmates in the Amsterdam airport a couple weeks ago. We were transferring to Barcelona; they got on a plane headed for Budapest. Rock star sighting!

  3. J-Man says:

    I thought it was lovely.