“Hard-to-get-off layers”

Fascinating cultural artifact — Happy Pioneer Day! (Hat tip to the Turley sisters.)

2 responses to ““Hard-to-get-off layers””

  1. lane says:

    nauseating cultural artifact is more like it. that guy with the black and white temple on his t-shirt?

    it’s like a dungeons and dragons theme park t-shirt. but it’s for real, and it’s his “religion” . . .

  2. Dave says:

    Right — the temple t-shirt is bizarre. But it’s just one layer. What I love is how obviously disingenuous so many of the answers are, and how those answers are still somehow acceptable to the other kids making the video, because the overriding imperative is not to ever recognize the irony of the situation, to wit: that the lived experience of the horny teenage boys who are being asked to comment on modesty might not in fact match up with Mormon sexual shibboleths.