The Monday Photo (3 brothers, 14 1st cousins)


missing: 1 sister, 3 cousins.

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  1. goy ahoy says:

    This reminds me of Lisa’s photos of her mother. Most people are looking at another photographer, which makes the one or two (back row, to the right) looking at this camera stand out all the more. My favorite character: the guy in the leather jacket. And maybe the lady in the bottom right corner.

    Also, this seems the epitome of Western American body type and fashion. Desert sublime. Is this California?

  2. And me. I opted not to go down. Sorry your flight was early and that you didn’t drop by my apartment with Kip and Dad and Bob. What a random visit. Mary read me the program of who was going to do what and that was good enough for me.

  3. #1: No, it’s Southern Utah. And yes, the character in the lower right is indeed quite a character.

  4. lane says:

    goy, yes back row third from the right, that’s me. and yes the other guy in the back in the leather jacket.

    he’s the brother of the character in the opposite diagonal corner up front. (and oddly also the father of Brenden Urie, front-man for the gender-fuck pop-band Panic at the Disco.)

    this photo was taken at the lovely, reverent, inspiring funeral of our family matriarch, secret pagan goddess, mother of three, retired tenured professor, all-time most amazing grandmother, my mother’s favorite sister, and wholly unique individual, Marjorie Ada Dalley Carpenter.

    none of us have ever, or will ever, meet someone quite like her.

  5. Slappy says:

    Dave, I’m home.

  6. lane says:

    welcome slappy