The Phryday Phill In Photo (sleeping cat)


6 responses to “The Phryday Phill In Photo (sleeping cat)”

  1. Dave says:


    “Something mamalian.”

  2. Natasha says:

    My cat used to sleep like that. He also used to move his paws in the air, like was running. Hilarious.

    Cute title.

  3. lane says:

    1. raw onion?

    why exactly were we reduced to a single onion at the end of that night? what else did we buy to eat that night? that was all so strange.

    but back to this cat. unfortunately she’s now living permanently on the roof deck as she is really not suitable to live with people. adriana and jasper found a photo in a national geographic magazine of something called a “european wild cat” and they say it looked exactly like out “madeline” pictured above.

    she is a strange creature, a great mouser, to be sure, but mean as hell. and does weird things like this sleeping upside down with her eyes open.

    come fall she’ll have to be sent to rural new jersey. anyone want a great farm cat?

  4. My attempt at lolcat:

    I can do itz, sleepin upzidey-dwn!

  5. Adriana says:

    Kate, I can haz belly laugh.

  6. O, gud. Yu neeeed it after ze hellion catz in yur apartmnt.