Thursday playlist: A bit of everything, except red meat

So since I've only been posting a lot of music here on Thursdays, my playlist today is a series of other things I've been “diggin” lately. And I suppose some music. Here follows a rather personal peak into some of my recent pleasures. Be kind.

Top Chef (Season 5) – Nothing to say, it was just pretty fun TV. Made especially tolerable thanks to DVR, and the ability to fast-forward through commercials and other crap. (SPOILER ALERT) Darn it, Carla, why'd you have to go and blow it like that?
Gossip Girl. A 6 week hiatus? What the hell? It was just long enough to make us lose interest. Sort of. March 16, we are waiting for you.
Suze Orman – Yes, this entry is crazy. She is a freak. God bless SNL's Kristine Wiig for such a fabulous caricature. But there's actually something so useful in watching an episode or two of her nazi version of fiscal discipline. Here, in Philly, she's started making us rethink all our financial decisions. Which is not necessarily a good thing, because if everyone started to follow her advice it would be VERY bad for the economy (in the short term). Her segment called “Can I Afford It?” makes you start to reconsider the financial irresponsibility of even the simplest things such as buying sushi on a Friday night or a new pair of shoes. Just when you thought your Superego was full enough, believe me, it's not. Seriously, she's scary. But, it's a good, astringent scary. And, it's no wonder that she has been called “the closest thing to America's new God.” In these fragile financial times, her disciplined advice has the ring of Old Testament proscriptions and prohibitions. Where are the necklaces with the acronym “WWSOD”? They can't be long in coming, I'm sure. I'll be buying one. If, of course, Suze thinks I can afford it.

The Places in Between by Rory Stewart – I've been avoiding this “NYT's best-selling” book for a good while and even after reading it I can't say it's a masterpiece, but I can say this: It's definitely a new classic of travel literature and I learned a shit-load about the amazing country of Afghanistan and just what kinds of difficulties our expensive endeavor to replace the Taliban and drive out Al Qaeda is facing over there. Spoiler alert: we're doomed. Or rather, it's delusional to think we can change the country in the way we hope to. Anyway, like Suze Orman, Rory is crazy. But, god bless him for it, I was astonished at his 600 mile trek on foot across Afghanistan (in winter!) and that he made it alive and all the crazy things he experienced along the way. I'm glad I read it. I'm glad I understand this part of the world better.


It's just so darn cute and delightful.[youtube][/youtube]

Remember that cool video from 2007 by Bat for Lashes with those kids wearing animal masks riding bmx bikes at night doing synchronized stuff? This is from the same director, Dougal Wilson. It's not quite as great, but it's quite clever. I particularly love that moment when the dad with the video camera mouths some awe-struck obscenities.

Within the next few weeks the trees will cover their bones again for another season and I will forget that they look like this. These are my three favorites in our neighborhood along the course of walking the dog:
A young cherry


An old London Plane


A Hawthorne


Recent Music:

Dark was the night (red hot compilation, 2009) — Highly recommended.

Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion (2009) — Very highly recommended.

Cougarship – Psychokineteletransportation (2009) — Highest recommendation.

Doug Paisley – Doug Paisley (2009)

Arthur Russell – Love is overtaking me (2008)

Our other random favorites songs of the last two monthsdownload here.

The latest most-played tracklist:

1.) “Summer Clothes” Animal Collective.

2.) “Ottoman” Vampire Weekend. It was about a year ago since we all heard that ass-kicking debut album. We're all now about sick of them. But then randomly there's this compilation-only song that we just heard last month. Ah, sublime. The best song they ever wrote.

3.) “Last Words” The Real Tuesday Weld. A perfect late night summertime song.  Summertime, are you with me?

4.) “Nick and Norah's Theme”  Mark Mothersbaugh. This title might embarrassingly give away where that compilation-only Vampire Weekend song came from… Aw, nuts!!!

5.) “Hey! How Does Everybody Know?” Arthur Russell. That half-hearted falsetto just kills me.

6.) “Tunnelvision” Here we go magic. Does this sound like it could've been early Animal Collective?

7.) “Freibad” Hauschka. Really beautiful song, thanks Jeremy.
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Not on the divshare download, but two very close runners-up: The Jonas Brothers–Tonight; Taylor Swift–Love Story. Don't knock 'em till you've tried 'em. I'm not saying it's particularly clever, just super likable. And it's fun to know what kind of lame ( and by lame I mean awesome–thanks JZ) stuff America is digging right now. Don't miss out. Cheers!


21 responses to “Thursday playlist: A bit of everything, except red meat”

  1. Darn it, Carla, why’d you have to go and blow it like that?

    This. What a bummer.

  2. (Not sure I’m in agreement so much about this being a fun season of Top Chef, in general — it’s seemed to me for the last two years like that show has sort of run out of ideas and is stagnating, getting less fun.)

  3. lane says:

    i love the head poking out from behind tree #1. Al Sharpton in front of Lincoln Center?

    that IS lincoln center, the opera house, but is that really Al? Let’s see some photos of some great Philly street art . . . next thursday?

  4. Al Sharpton in front of Lincoln Center?

    Sort of a cross between Sharpton/Kilroy.

  5. LT says:

    Cougarship forever.

  6. I heard on their next album, they’re changing the band name to Cougarmellencampship.

  7. Jeremy says:

    Yes! References to me in back-to-back posts… Now, that’s a new trend I’m liking here on TGW. (Though I’m surprised you didn’t out me on my own Gossip Girl obsession)….

  8. lane says:

    TMK – good one!

  9. farrell fawcett says:

    #3 and #4 It’s Frank Guarrera, the opera singer. The wiki link (which it isn’t letting me embed for some reason) references that mural. And Lane, i like the idea of a photo essay of Philly mural art. We’ll see.

    #7 You want to be outed more often? As you wish…

  10. lane says:

    jeremey, it’s only a trend with you, farrell and trix.

    i . . . why . . . would i reference you in back to back posts . . . can’t see it . . .

    . . . uhhhhhh . . . now . . .

    this isn’t going anywhere . . .

  11. lane says:

    ah, frank guarrea, that was my second guess . . .

  12. lane says:

    and can i get a PROPS for knowing that that was lincoln center,

    come on folks!

    give it up . . .

    yeah . . .

  13. Natasha says:

    Wow, lots of good stuff. I remember that video with the bike and the masks very vividly. It is the “What’s a girl to do?” song. I love their stuff for the artsy weirdness.

    Taylor Swift and The Jonas Brothers, hah? I don’t know. My daughter is a big fan. I get to listen to that plus ICarly, The Naked Brothers’ Band, and Hannah Montana songs all day. I think it’s the part of America under the age of 20 that’s digging it. Taylor is sure beautiful and has a good voice, but it’s too mainstream, no?

  14. Natasha says:

    Lane, don’t know how I missed #12. Ready? I am screaming at the top of my lungs!

    Wow! Wow! Wow! That’s amazing!!!!!!!!! Delighted!!!!!!!!! Thrilled!!!!!!! I am clapping my hand so hard that they are hurting, but it is all well deserved!!!!!! I can’t believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am your biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! Enchanted!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I’m gonna faint from all the screaming!!!!!!!! Overjoyed!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. In that coldplay video, my favorite is the techie puppet. We try so hard to have stone faces like that.

    I love that you feature trees. I’m looking forward to the end of their nap.

  16. And Natasha? I love you.

  17. LP says:

    I LOVE Suze Orman. Love her! Yes, she’s crazier than a loonie bird on crack, but there’s something so compelling about her tough-love spiel, delivered with that deranged look in her eyes. Excellent TV!

    Also, thanks for the tree photos. Makes me nostalgic for those chilly winter East Coast days.

  18. Natasha says:

    #16 Love ya too, dude :)

  19. lane says:

    shut up natasha, seriously, i’m laughing here, . . .

  20. Jane says:

    I am SO sad to say that I have not experienced ANY of those things (shows, books, videos, music) except the Jonas Brothers song, the Taylor Swift song, and the trees. Wow. I’m usually very up on all of these things, and I’m highly disappointed in myself.

    Thank you for the enlightenment.

  21. lane says:

    the london plane picture is also amazing