Another one for Asa

Fantastic Contraption. I made a really suspenseful one.

6 responses to “Another one for Asa”

  1. Cool, that looks like a lot of fun. Your second link is not working for me — I mean it’s taking me to the FC game, but not to a stored design you created.

  2. Dave says:

    Try pressing play when the second link opens up. I think it should take you to the stored design.

  3. Oh yeah, so it does. That is a really nice one, it looks like an animal trying to get up those stairs with the pebbles underfoot. A clumsy, frustrated animal; but it wins out in the end!

  4. Kate the Great says:

    You’re right, Dave; your contraption is really suspenseful. And funny. I really doubted that it could get over that last step. I kept thinking: “There’s no way that it can make it. But there’s no way that Dave would have posted a losing design.”

  5. A nice video, which stimulates some of the same pleasure centers as this game does: Mind Wall by Towa Tei.