Thursday playlist: Best of 2008–Music for making dinner with friends

Happy New Year! And what a glorious New Year. Hooray for our new President! And for the mad possibility of a better world. More love, less fear. Dare we say, hope and progress one last time? We do dare. We are near drunk with it. Damn the hangover. And it's time once again for that Fawcett and Honeycups' best of the year mix which, if you recall from previous years, has consisted of what we liked to call “songs we played most.” This year it is slightly different. It is still the songs we played most, but edited into a series of loose themes. Today is the first of three (!!!) playlists of our most played songs (and by definition, our favorite songs of the year). There will be two more playlists to follow in the coming weeks.

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Today's playlist contains the songs that fit into a category that can best be understood as music you'd want playing in the background during the first hour or two of getting together with good friends to have a few drinks and eat good food. These are songs that feel jubilant, that feature pulse-rate tempos, and that often have a hip-shaking effect. The songs often have pretty melodies and sing-along choruses. A few are slightly embarrassing. But mostly these are buoyant songs that lift the conversation and make chopping and uncorking and grilling and raising a glass feel absurdly good. We wish to share the love.

A few shout-outs and comments: First, thank you to Lisa Tremain and her husband John for a copy of their “Learning Music” CD which is one of the finest albums of the year. We have played it so many times and still adore it. As far as albums are concerned, it was part of a select few albums that were played many times from beginning-to-end throughout the year: She and Him, Quiet Village, Beach House, M83 and MGMT. And for the latter we also owe you thanks. You contributed MGMT's “Kids” on that TGW Palm Spring's playlist last spring (thanks for that post Steph!)–and inspired curious listeners to discover the whole album and the genius of “Time to Pretend” on their own. Nice restraint.

Not all of these songs are from 2008, but they are all songs that we encountered in 2008.

Some of these songs were played more by one of us than another: see Lil Wayne. One of the songs features a singer with the most amazing tooth gap you will ever behold: see Vanessa Paradis. One sounds like it was a long lost ABBA single. And one sounds too much like the theme of an awesome 80's tv show: you figure them out. Only two of them have appeared on Gossip Girl, although, truth be told 20 of them could have.  And something's wrong with that? Gossip Girl rules! Still, not a few songs we are quite tired of listening to now. A few of them though were just discovered in December and we can hardly get enough. But that sad weird falling-in and out-of-love process is just the nature of this music obsession. And politics. But forget that. These songs have enriched our lives. What more need be said.  Go and be happy!

The Playlist:

1.) “Time to Pretend” MGMT

2.) “Contagious” Learning Music

3.) “Hallucinations” The Raveonettes

4.) “Eraser” No Age

5.) “Gamma Ray” Beck

6.) “Neon Beanbag” Stereolab

7.) “Say Fiesta” Francois Virot

8.) “Graveyard Girl” M83

9.) “Viva La Vida” Coldplay

10.) “Des que j'te vois” Vanessa Paradis

11.) “Dance, Dance, Dance” Lykke Li

12.) “Hercules Theme” Hercules and Love Affair

13.) “Kelly” Van She

14.) “Back in Your Head” Tegan and Sara

15.) “Light of Love” Music Go Music

16.) “Rock 'n' Roll Hero” Car-sick Cars

17.) “Good Time” Crystal Castles

18.) “A Milli” Lil Wayne

19.) “Nothing Ever Happened” Deerhunter

20.) “Inni mer syngur vitleysingur” Sigur Ros

21.) “My Only Offer” Mates of State

22.) “Caravan Girl” Goldfrapp

23.) “Why do you let me stay here?” She & Him

24.) “Collapsing at Your Doorstep” Air France

25.) “Hey Hotties!” Supermayer



13 responses to “Thursday playlist: Best of 2008–Music for making dinner with friends”

  1. SG says:

    I had been successful at quieting the voice of regret for not being in Philly this winter, but you have turned this voice into an echoing chorus that refuses to go away.

    Regrets…I’ve had a few.

    Though bittersweet, thanks for the sounds of jubilation.

  2. Jane says:

    You guys are really up on your playlists here at TGW. Thanks, once again, for all the wonderful free music!

  3. LP says:

    Yay! I always love the Farrell/Trixie mixies.

  4. LP says:

    Hmm… I’m being asked for a password to expand the zip files. Anyone else encounter this?

  5. Dave says:

    No, it works without a password for me.

  6. LT says:


    Here, oh friends, is the newest LM project (if you’re so inclined):

  7. Jeremy says:

    Thanks for the kick-ass playlist; since I was lucky enough to spend several recent evenings listening to these very songs while eating, drinking, hot-tubbing, etc., with you both, I feel especially blessed…

    And you beat me to the Learning Music punch–they’ll be on my year-end list, too, if I ever get to it.

    Btw, anyone who wants to hear more LM–John Wood is embarking on a monthly album project, to which you can subscribe for (as little as) one penny. Check it out at

  8. Trixie Honeycups says:

    scotty. we missed you more that i can say.
    much love from us…
    ps your wife is a hottie

  9. Trixie Honeycups says:

    more than i can say, s/b
    sorry, too much red wine tonight

  10. goy ahoy says:

    I had the same password problem, but I was able to open the files one by one. Only catch now is that iTunes won’t let me alter the tags for some reason.

    Nice playlist!

  11. e says:

    awesome playlist, perfect for the bar. i’m gonna try it out at fresh salt on monday!

  12. Kate the Great says:

    I’m having problems with the password thing, too. I’ll try goy ahoy’s trick.

  13. Cannon says:

    No “Heaven For The Weather” by the Streets? Aside from Lil’ Weezie, the mix was enjoyed thoroughly. Is anyone else as confused as I am as to why Weezie’s album is getting as much hype as it is? He’s just fine as a guest artist on others’ albums, but I just can’t get into his new solo bidness…