Drop the freaking ball already!

What’s up TGW!  Long time, no post, what? In the veritable interregnum between my TGW posts, a great deal has transpired, both personally and in the world at large.

I have done the ultimate cross country trip, moving out to New York and back to my beloved San Francisco in a matter of months.  I flipped the proverbial bitch, in a continental fashion. It’s a long story there, one that I’m not interested in sharing at the moment.  But I can say with certainty that I’m back where I belong and can’t wait to get to it here in SF.

In the world at large this year, we watched Barack Obama take the presidency (yay!), gas prices peak at over $5/gal, and drop to under $2/gal in some places, gay people granted the constitutional right to marry in California, and then subsequently, inexcusably, stripped of that right by the usually sage people of California (prop 215, eh?), the stock market lose 40% of its value, and several financial giants fold like Origami (minus the art or skill, of course).  We’ve seen food riots and cholera outbreaks, a remarkable array of sex and money scandals (Spitzer, Madoff & Blagojevich, oh my!), the return of real-life sea pirates and the explosion of social networking tools into nearly every segment of society. And that’s just a desultory list that comes to mind.

It’s been a year of enormous change and tumult. A crazy, up and down, eventful year.  On balance, we’ve seen plenty of bad, but things are looking up. We’re turning the corner on an eight year national nightmare, and I’m so elated I can’t even express it.  Every time I hear “President-elect Barack Obama” I want to kiss somebody.  But yo. I’m ready for tomorrow.

Let’s stick a fork in this fat bastard of a year, people!  Good riddance, crazy eights, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.  And send me my money too. You’ve got my new address – my fourth or fifth (depending on how you count) this year. And you can take this goddamned pot belly back too, and the syphilis (that’s what she said!).  Ahem.  That last part was a joke, about the syphilis. Seriously.

When I look back, I truly hope 2008 will be the year that marked the beginning of something new, different and better.  I say this not only in the national sense, but in a personal sense too. And as I look forward, I look forward to working harder and being a better person and a better citizen than I was last year, and the years preceding it. As Obama said in his acceptance speech, “What we’ve already achieved gives us hope for what we can and must achieve tomorrow.” Bring on tomorrow!

Happy New Year everyone, and long live the Great Whatsit!!!

I love the color blue

The Color Blue is so pretty!


So too, the color brown!

9 responses to “Drop the freaking ball already!”

  1. lane says:

    WOW! I haven’t heard a speech that inspiring since Dirk Diggler swept the porno oscars in Boogie Nights!

    And Syphilis always gets a laugh.

  2. Marleyfan says:

    Let’s give him the clap…

  3. Tim says:

    Clap on . . . clap off . . . the Clapper!

    Welcome back to the west coast and to TGW, Brooke. So glad to have you here!

  4. Jane says:

    What a wonderful summation of the year. Thanks.

  5. Brooke Maury says:

    I love the clapper! I wish I had one. Thanks for the welcome back, it’s a pleasure and an honor to be here!!

  6. Natasha says:

    Brooke, great to see you posts again. I missed them. I am just checking in real quick: no time for a deeper comment. I am cooking like crazy and getting ready for a band and a circus to arrive to my house for my annual New Year’s Bash. I wish everyone a very very Happy New Year and new beginnings! I wish all of you would be here today!

  7. Happy new years you guys! You know what liquor and what carbonated beverage mix together really nicely? Tequila and ginger ale, is what. Now I’m wondering if there is a name for this tasty drink.

    Linked from this page are a ton of good New Years Eve songs, including (midway down) one by Spike Jones and his City Slickers.

  8. Heather Elbert says:

    You are a true Libra…nicely said.

  9. Dave says:

    Hey Brooke! Sorry I missed the chance to hang out with you in NYC! Best of luck back in SF, and please post here more!