Old jersey

I admit a degree of fictional pride regarding my New Jersey upbringing. My memories of growing up there are, in reality, quite scattered, and I wonder how many of them recount actual events and how many are conflated or purely fictional.

Moreover, as someone who is very much into the idea of personal evolution, my historical life often makes me uncomfortable. However, when I recently received an invitation to my twenty-year high school reunion, I was confronted with my past: within a matter of days, I was Facebook-friended by dozens of people whose names I had either completely forgotten, or had little to no interest in actively remembering. (I should say that there were a few – like my 5th grade best friend – that I was delighted to re-connect with.)

These things said, there have been some gems pried from this recent wall of discomfort: I am talking about the photos from 1980s NJ. This one is so vastly intriguing to me that I was compelled to share it with my Whatsit community. And yes, I knew both of these young ladies quite well, so please, no disparaging comments.

Enjoy and discuss.

As Trixie requested…I apologize, however, that these aren’t quite as exotic.

21 responses to “Old jersey”

  1. please, no disparaging comments

    To be sure, nothing wrong with drunken revelry. Is she throwing or catching?

    (Nice wallpaper.)

  2. trixie says:

    and is that a straw in her right hand?
    i remember some girls at my highschool drinking beer with a straw.

    so scotty, are you planning to attend the reunion?

  3. Scotty says:

    1: After much review and discussion, we believe that she is catching the beer.
    2: As for the “straw,” it is clearly a Marlboro 100, the cigarette of choice for ’80s Jersey girls.

    Unfortunately, I will be sitting the reunion out.

  4. lane says:

    I can almost hear the Bon Jovi in the background.

  5. Rogan says:

    High school reunions are capital F-U-N Fun!

  6. Rachel says:

    Ah, Godfree, you totally scooped me. I was contemplating a post on reunion/Facebook angst. (However, as someone who was an obediennt Mormon teenager, it would be sans the beer-flinging photos.)

    New favorite phrase: fictional pride. Right up there with “mistalgia.”

  7. trixie says:

    well, her marlboro 100 looks bent.

    scott, would you please give us the honor of sharing some photos of yourself from this era?

    also, i agree that you should attend the reunion, but it’s mostly because then we could probably squeeze a visit out of youse.

  8. Tim says:

    #7: Methinks that would be the young Godfree on the far right in the last picture. Also, maybe second from left in the other one (in the teal sweatshirt)? Can’t quite tell.

    I think that first one could form the centerpiece of an entire book of similar photos of 80s teen parties. It’s genius.

  9. S. Godfree says:

    4: With this group it would’ve most likely been Skynard or Zeppelin.

  10. trixie says:

    wow scotty, thank you.
    in that second photo you look more like a ska kid than a jersey boy.

  11. amare stoudemire says:

    so why no reunion? after seeing these photos it would seem to be a must attend event.

  12. Cynthia says:

    great post. liked the pics

  13. Where in Jersey, anyways? Somewhere around Passaic County or so?

  14. Dave says:

    That first picture is really amazing, like a Nan Goldin shot.

  15. Scotty says:

    13: I’m from Nutley, which is in Essex County — right next to Passaic County.

    One of the more interesting aspects of the photo to me is the choice the two ladies made between a can or bottle of Bud. Knowing them, as I did, it makes sense who chose which, but still, the fact that there was an option at this gathering between the two — like Bud in a bottle was as close as the group would ever come to buying imported beer.

    And Trixie, you may be right about the straw.

  16. 15: Woo-hoo! I was thinking “Nutley”, and also thinking that it was in Passaic. My friend Mike, the one who made me think it would be a good idea to live in NJ, lives in Nutley so I’m there sometimes.

  17. lane says:

    teaneck can kick nutley’s ASS!

  18. lane says:

    wow just saw the new pics.

    welcome to the dollhouse indeed

  19. lane says:

    that dude with the teardrops has got it GOIN’ ON!

  20. Scotty says:

    16: Ralph’s is the best pizza in the world. I recommend plain by the slice, not by the pie. Tell Gus I said hello.

    Lane, why must you vex me so?

  21. The Jersey contestant (Montclair) on the new season of Top Chef looks to be a fuck-up.