My night out

I’ve been grading too many papers, deciphering and producing too many words.

So, just a few more… Saturday night. Sushi with Nikki. Then, Silversun Pickups opening for The Elected at the El Rey. Then, Silversun Pickups blowing The Elected out of the water at the El Rey. (I might be a little biased.) Finally, drinking backstage with Nikki and Brian and Tracy and Christopher and Sammy and Joe and everyone else. Oh, I almost forgot… before all that, art galleries at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, including a funny faux 17th- or 18th- or 19th-century portrait (see below).

Fun, fun.

And a welcome respite.

Enough words.

sake house
















peter criss portrait

8 responses to “My night out”

  1. love the picture of nikki w/ chopsticks. i’ve been looking for an excuse to provide a link to brooklyn vegan’s pictures of their sxsw set, so here it is. looking fwd to seeing them again in ny next time they’re here.

  2. Tim Wager says:

    Mmm, sushi.

    Alas, I’m sad I missed the El Rey show. Seems like it was a good time.

    As for the portrait, I’d go with faux 18th c.

    Give me a call when you’ve finished up the grading.


  3. Mikelle F says:

    Wow. it must’ve been a great show, because I loved The Elected when they opened for Azure Ray (was it already?) two years ago.

    I gotta move back to a city where I can go to shows.

  4. G-Lock says:

    I miss Nikki!!!! Rock on, y’all!!!!!!!

  5. Scott Godfrey says:

    So, it looks like you didn’t order family style. Care or dare to comment?

  6. nikki. says:

    nice documentation jeremy.
    thanks for the link to the pictures bryan. . .are you friends with the brooklyn vegan people?
    hi tim. . .you were missed. . .g-lock. . .is this brian of brian and cedric??? what a treat!
    and scott. . .it was family style. . .although by the picture it looks like i was hogging it all up.
    mikelle f. . .someday we’ll have to meet.

  7. no — i don’t know BV, but i check it periodically since it’s a pretty exhaustive source for live shows in the city, including photos of shows i miss but would have liked to have seen. my brother and i have played the game “which one’s brooklyn vegan” at a couple shows though: you check out all the kids in front of the stage with cameras in hand and try to guess which one you think is BV.

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