It’s time to act

We have to do something. I know some of you have been for a while now — shout-out here to Brooke and Rebecca and Farrell — but now we really have to act. We’ve all gotta spend the next 55 days working our tuchuses off to get Barack Obama elected.

I’ve been watching the unfolding campaign with fear, excitement, anticipation and disgust, sometimes cycling through them all in a single day, a single hour. I have continued to believe that Obama will win, that the Democrats cannot possibly lose after eight years of the most disastrous presidency in U.S. history. But the bounce McCain has received after introducing Sarah Palin at the Republican National Convention has put a deeper fear into me. We cannot lose this election. We have to do something now.

The last straw for me was watching this video (please ignore the opening typo):


I don’t normally watch the Daily Show, but a friend showed me this video tonight. I still can’t get over the naked hypocrisy and the blatant, unblinking lying. Yes, okay, so I’m a bit of a pollyanna. I can practically see Dave B shaking his head at my naivete. But seeing these clips played side-by-side is completely infuriating. I’m on vacation for a few more days, then it’s back home and time to get out the damn vote.

Let’s all do it! Donate, throw a house party to raise money, make calls, wear a t-shirt, plan a trip to a battleground state. I didn’t think McCain, after his disastrous “dairy case” appearance, his golf-cart puttering with George Bush the Elder, his untimely smirk and his prickly retorts, would be anywhere near Obama right now. But he is. And he’s gaining.

It’s time to step up. We’ve got two months. Who’s in?

26 responses to “It’s time to act”

  1. I feel ashamed at not having done hardly anything political this year. I have this superstition that somehow I caused Kerry to lose last time by doing volunteer work for him. I know, gotta get over that.

  2. Adriana says:

    Yeah! A friend of mine created Obama Mama t-shirts (and a tote). All proceed through Nov. 4 go towards the Obama campaign. Get them here:

    OK, so that’s a t-shirt. What else? There’s Camp Obama where they teach you to be a “community organizer” (eye roll) and send you off to a key state. So now I’m wondering — how much do I want this? Enough to upend my life for a few days and travel to another state to do something totally out of character, you know, talk to people I don’t know?

    That’s the question for me right now. How much do I want this? What am I willing to do to help make it happen?

  3. Dave says:

    I’ve also heard that it’s quite easy to do phone-banking, either from home or at a volunteer center. That’s less of a commitment than traveling to Ohio. I’ve done phone-banking before and it wasn’t all that bad.

    I started thinking recently about taking the weekend and Monday and Tuesday of Election Day and going someplace to canvass. My roommate works for the Working Families Party here in New York, which does really strategic work getting more progressive Democrats elected statewide. He told me there are races in New York state, including one just up in Queens, that will make a difference in what gets passed in the state legislature next term. This fits my “it’s not all about Obama” outlook.

  4. Rachel says:

    Yahoo has done some fact-checking on Palin’s convention remarks. How is anybody taking her seriously? How does Obama fight back without being painted as a bully?

  5. Dave says:

    Oh, and thanks for that video — I’d heard about it but didn’t know how amazing it was. In Dick Morris’s defense, though, he’s a lying sack of shit.

  6. Scotty says:

    The worst part is knowing about all the lies and hearing them told and retold over and over — it’s like being pelted with ice. But of course, any reports that contradict Palin are painted as media bias. I used to think that Carl Rove was a (though obviously misguided) genius for getting W. elected twice. Now I think that he and his tactics aren’t genius at all; the American public is just so fucking stupid that I can’t even bare it any more.

    Case in point: I heard a woman on the radio — a former Clinton backer from Florida — say that she likes Palin because she’s tough, smart, and can think on her feet. “But I still need to hear her speak some un-scripted words,” she concluded. WTF?? So where do you base your opinion that she’s smart and can think on her feet? Okay, tough I’ll give you.

    And! And! And! Palin is out with McCain giving shortened versions of their acceptance speeches — proven lies and all. “I told Warshington that I didn’t want that bridge to nowhere!”

    Meanwhile, McCain still wants to “stand on my side.” I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a bad back, and someone standing on my side might throw my L-5 and S-1 out of whack.

    Oy vey this whole thing is fucked.

  7. Marleyfan says:

    THe video was perfect.

    I’m proud to say that last night 3 of my family members were out at the local Democratic office making phone calls (including my 11 and 17 year old sons)!

    It’s waning, but I still have hope.

  8. Rogan says:

    I got the mailer for the Camp Obama and they seem to be asking for a five-week commitment. I can’t do that and hold a job, so I will figure out other ways to help, starting with meager financial contribution.

  9. rm says:

    here’s some cranky musing:

    what’s with this “50 state strategy” crap i keep reading about? i have plenty of blame to spread around for the gore and kerry losses but i can’t stomach the thought that poor planning and stupid allocation of resources will be part of it once again. i give dean, emmanuel, and schumer their due for getting us to majorities in congress but i fear that all our well intentioned work could be for naught if we’re still spending money in places like montana and north carolina at this point. wouldn’t that money and all of those staffers be better off in true battleground states? i get the point that we want to make mccain play defense and spend money to protect his supposedly safe states but if we lose one of the big swing states and the election by an eyelash only because we foolishly fought to merely narrow the margin of defeat in a racist stronghold then i have serious doubts about pulling off a national victory in a very long time if we can’t win after eight years of bush/cheney.

    and i’m writing as a clinton supporter (who would be giddy at the opportunity to stick a knife in that hack palin’s back right about now) who sent money to both the dnc and obama’s campaign.

    to pull back a moment, marleyfan-i am incredibly impressed at your family’s dedication-well done-i’ll get my crew up and running for 2012…Obama’s reelection, right?

    and dave’s right about there being a whole host of non-presidential issues that are worth fighting for-one of the few advantages of such far flung spending is that it might help down the ticket races and propositions but this just feels like it should be our year and to have it slip away seems criminal.

  10. swells says:

    just to disgust you all further, here’s this, which I already upset Tim with yesterday, but why not spread the fear. As you probably all know, my hope was already pretty minute, but after her speech and thinking about what this country wants, I’m not only totally resigned to it, but even at the point where I think that a ticket like that best represents the most people in this country: racist, stupid, delusional, and corrupt. Who am I to try to force what’s best for them onto them? am I like a religious missionary being all colonialist by wanting people to see the Light?

    I know, I know. but it’s just so discouraging.

  11. Dave says:

    You want to know my outrage of the day? This, via Bitch, Ph.D. (Read Dr. B’s post.)

  12. Tim says:

    I love that Parrish can still axe-sent-chew-ate the positive through it all. Come back to LA and get me fired up to work for Obama from anear, instead of afar like this. I really am going to try to get over it and do something.

    Until then, I refuse to click on any more links to shit I just can’t handle. It’s really bad for my constitution.

  13. Dave says:

    rm: The Obama campaign is concentrating on 18 key states, that’s it. The 50-State Strategy is a DNC program with much broader goals than electing Obama, and it looks like it’s already paying off. Most policy decisions that affect people’s daily lives are made at very local levels.

  14. Rogan says:

    9&13: Plus I really think Montana will go for Obama. Governor Schweitzer is very popular, and Obama’s energy policy looks like it will really benefit Western states that have lots of “clean coal,” natural gas and wind and solar access. If Dems are serious, we are also talking about major Western states infrastructure investments, to fix up the power grid for the efficient transfer of all of that renewable energy to places that need it.

    So there is a very good chance that a number of traditionally conservative Western states will tip toward Obama.

  15. trixie says:

    11. dave, you really got me going with that one.
    i agree with bitchphd- that shit needs to be incorporated into some statements by the dems and also put out on national news.

  16. Eric Jones says:

    Seemingly gratuitous coment here, perhaps, but . . . Nov 4 is a fair bit off, yet! Remember how, what, just a dozen days ago it seemed Obama couldn’t possibly lose? Despair not (yet), be of good hope and cheer! Smile brightly while doing your Obama canvassing!

    While Palin is the star of the moment, and indeed in November she may well bring out some voters who would otherwise stay home, there is still time for the crazy right-wing excitement surrounding her to fade. Obama, out of the media frenzy of the moment, is of course much better on television than McCain, and the debates will likely be to his advantage. The economy isn’t getting better, at least not quickly, and that’s in all likelihood the issue that voters will have on their minds. Obama’s ideas are more closely aligned with the mood of the country than are McCain’s, I believe, Palin’s celebrity notwithstanding.

    And similar for the Biden/Palin debate. While Palin convinced us all that she will at least hold her own in the VP debate, let’s not forget that Biden is no amateur at this kind of thing–he’s darn good, and I’m guessing he’ll be able to show Palin as weak on the issues, maybe even expose Palin’s biting sarcasm and condescending smugness as what they are–facades to hide the weakness of her and McCain’s ideas.

    McCain/Palin want to run on change? Great, let them–Obama/Biden still win out on that theme. McCain may well have difficulty sticking with the change theme throughout the rest of the campaign, he may find he has to revert to national security, trying once again to scare the country .

    And, in the end, while some may be voting in Nov for Palin for VP, most will still be choosing either McCain or Obama, and in that contest, I think (er, at least I’m still hoping) the country’s still leaning slightly toward Obama, despite excitement-skewed polls of the moment.

    So yes to this origingal post, let’s keep giving our little contributions and donig whatever we can, fellow little foot soldiers!

  17. Adriana says:

    Tim, I know! I’m giving myself high blood pressure. I told myself I’d stop for the rest of the day, and yet here I am again, finding reasons to get all boiled over.

  18. Lisa Parrish says:

    16 – Eric, you may be correct on this. The best thing about Palin is, I believe she has peaked right at the very beginning. And the surge (sorry) McCain is experiencing now should, if nothing else, galvanize Obama’s supporters to do more, give more, make more noise.

  19. Rogan says:

    18. Lisa, I think you are totally right about Palin peaking early. She has no where to go but down, down, down.

  20. LT says:

    I’m feeling a little like Steph– right now, pretty resigned. And planning my move to Canada. But I did cancel class on election day so that my students can go vote. No excuses.

    Meanwhile, I’ve heard that Obama makes his fundraising work on $50 donations– I’ve got a Ulysses S. Grant burning a hole in my pocket, you?

  21. Eric Jones says:

    To be honest, I’m fuckin scared too. To the point at times of laying awake in dread. Shit. It’s 4:00-ish a.m. at the moment. This could be a long few months. . . .

  22. Rogan says:

    On the bright side, if McCain wins, we all have no excuse but to get on our revolution. Get out the wheat paste and start cutting those stencils. Wear your protest pants and foment. Grow a garden, get off the grid, make some art, write that essay, dance your ass off, move to California, or Austin, and organize this revolution.

  23. Scotty says:

    For anyone wanting proof that Jesus is backing McCain/Palin go to this link and download the PDF of today’s LA Times front page. Doesn’t the line graph depicting McCain’s bump after announcing Palin look an aweful lot like a Jesus fish?

    The Lord will set Obama straight for calling that beautiful woman a pig!

  24. LT says:

    that’s a pig in lipstick.

  25. Tim says:

    Anybody else see this video yet? Normally, I am against scare tactics in political ads, but I hope that Obama starts making videos like this. I am very scared to think that Palin could be so ignorant and yet so close to being president, and I want others to be scared too.

  26. Tim says:

    Here’s another web ad for Obama, in which we are asked to pass it along. I hope it will find an audience with some undecideds.