Pure puzzling fun

I used to live in London in a neighborhood called Wood Green. I lived off Lordship Lane, a major thoroughfare. Many years before I lived there, a company called Universal Publications Ltd. thrived at 581 Lordship Lane by producing the latest in party games. In a pre-TV world, people were hungry for new ways of interacting in groups—all year round. The promotional copy points out that these games “are just as popular during August as they are during December.” Once TV went mass market, the game players could stay home instead.

All About Yourself (no. 71 in the series) allows players 30 minutes to fill in a card where the answers to 39 questions are body parts. (Could they not have rounded it up to 40 or is there some symbolism about 39 and the body?)

The questions are posed in a cryptic fashion…but some are straightforward: A cave has this? Mouth. A snake sheds this? A GI chews this. You get the picture. But then they get a little obscure and/or questionable.

I challenge you to identify:

1. A very thin paper.

2. Cooks usually “jug” this animal.

3. Beheaded you could stand on it.

4. Rows of Knit 1, Purl 1, form this.

5. You could grow another one but not have a third.

6. The first half is a child or young animal.

7. A deep breath is this if you lisp.

8. These show when you smile – if you have them.

Next up from Universal is Watch Your Step. I have read the instructions multiple times but still don’t understand quite how the scoring system works. However, the instructions are entertainment enough.

Players sit in two rows opposite each other: “it is preferable to have the Ladies in one row and the Gentlemen in the other…”

The Ladies, for example, are given an answer card, which instructs them to “answer YES if the question refers to people, fish or birds. Otherwise, your answer must be NO.” The categories on the answer cards vary. “The Ladies are allowed two minutes in which to read and memorise what is on their cards.” (That’s a lot to ask of the fairer sex.)

The Gentlemen then pose a number of questions to the Ladies who must answer in accordance to their cards. Let me share a sample of questions…

Hot tip for the MC: if “he makes up a set of questions particularly applicable to Ladies (e.g. Do you use haircurlers?) and takes care to see that these are reserved for a round when the Ladies do the questioning, he will be sure of an uproarious round. When the first “victim” has to answer such a question, the rest will howl with laughter—unaware that their fate may be even worse.”

And you wonder why TV was ever invented?

To finish, another popular game produced by a rival company takes photos of familiar objects from unfamiliar angles on the theme of “used in the home.”

Ok, you got bun tin off the bat, I know. But what about…

…yes, smokers that was a lighter.

And now for the number one item on the list on the theme “used in the home”:

Sausages, of course.

25 responses to “Pure puzzling fun”

  1. PB says:

    AB and I are stumped on 1-8, you must give answers by the end of the day! I am trying to figure out if I have a “velum” in my body.

    I love these diversion posts.

  2. I think 8 is “teeth” is it not? The rest are stumping me. That “Watch Your Step” game sounds awesome, in an extremely dated way.

  3. (Replace “smile” with “yawn” in 8, and the answer could be “tonsils”. “teeth” doesn’t make that much sense; most people that would be playing this game do have them, or a reasonable simulacrum.)

  4. 6 is “kidney”.

  5. PB says:

    you are good, Modesto –

  6. Stella says:

    Modesto is right on 6 and 7, but not 8. It’s not as obvious as teeth…look in the mirror.

  7. Tim says:

    8: dimples?

  8. Stella says:

    Yes, indeed!

  9. Oh right, “dimples”! Duh. “Teeth” is a fun answer though.

    4 is “ribs”, but I only know because I Google.

    3 could be “neck”, but that seems a little gruesome and insufficiently clever.

  10. LP says:

    1 = tissue!

  11. LP says:

    3 = spinal “column”?

  12. pizzocalabro says:

    2. is “hare” (hair) as in jugged hare.

  13. Stella says:

    yes to ribs and tissue!

    no to neck and spinal column.

    3 is really more in the style of an actual cryptic crossword…

  14. Stella says:

    yes to hair/hare!

    i still don’t hear any guesses on 6.

  15. swells says:

    6 is kidney, but how come no one is commenting on the funniest line here, “OK, you all got bun tin off the bat,” as if ANY American did? Stella, it’s priceless!

  16. PB says:

    OK I knew it was a bun tin – but I am not sure that I count being a purveyer of bun tins and all (although we don’t call them bun tins exactly). Got nothing on the body quiz though. So there you go . . .

  17. Stella says:

    sorry, i meant 5 not 6.

    and thank you swells!

  18. PB says:

    PS, the sausages are just gross – it reminds me of our favorite book. talk about TV-less fun!!!

  19. Stella says:

    I remember my grandmother buying sausages bunched together like that from the butcher. they were delicious, back when i ate meat.

  20. har har says:

    they’re still delicious.

  21. Jenomnibus says:

    Two of my favorite words: Bun and tin – who knew they can be used together?! Stella, you’ve made my day!

  22. Stella says:

    Ok, I’m going to give the answers in the next comment – so don’t read any further if you’re still guessing.

  23. Stella says:

    1. Tissue
    2. Hair
    3. Gland (beheaded = land…)
    4. Rib
    5. Foot
    6. Kidney
    7. Thigh
    8. Dimples

  24. PB says:

    Stella IS fun!!!