Thursday playlist: what now? edition

So, someone dropped the ball on today’s playlist. (Yes, it was me. And, yes, apparently Thursdays fall apart when Dave’s not around to keep them going…) But, because Thursdays have been ever-changing, ranging from (initially) regular posting slots to short reviews to open threads to (most recently) playlists, I was wondering…

Should we keep up with the playlists, or are there other suggestions out there? What else might you like to see here on Thursdays?

14 responses to “Thursday playlist: what now? edition”

  1. Rachel says:

    Not sure. Post a playlist and I’ll let you know.

    Just kidding (a little–you have great taste, so how about some summer tunes?). The short reviews were a lot of fun, but they’d require more contributors and more variety.

    We devote a lot of attention to all kinds of art, not just music…maybe a Thursday Arts section? Or is that too much like the newspaper?

  2. PB says:

    NO jeremy is was not you – it is just that no one but Dave knows that I post in the middle of the night. I saw you there and thought I messed up my spot – but good question in you pinch hit, though!

    I love the Thursday playlist – my suggestion would be to open them up from mostly music to more books, websites (I love the youtube versions), TV, whatever, any listing of possible diversions. I also enjoy the thematic aspect to them – like the birthday list or the break up songs.

    Sorry about this morning everyone!

  3. PB says:

    Oh my gosh – Rachel! You and I are sharing the same brainwaves this morning!!

    and that will be your pinch hit . . .
    such is the morning.

  4. swells says:

    I had something similar in mind called “Thursday Favorites” or something like that, more of an open forum where one person starts the list of “my favorite ________” with a brief description, and then opens it up to comments so others add one item each to the list. While the category itself could be fairly specific (“coming-of-age novel,” “breakup song,”), the possibilities for topics could be much broader than just our (always engaging) perennial book/music topics (“cocktail recipe,” “school field trip memory,” “recent product discovery I can’t live without,” “strange animal fact,” “political gaffe,” “sculpture,” “hangover cure,” “historical manifesto,” etc. etc etc.).

    Of course this would require more audience participation than we’ve been doing lately (mea culpa too), but it could be a brief assignment for each GWer to contribute at least an entry to each list even if you don’t have time to add a big description of it.

  5. Rachel says:

    Swells, I love this idea! A couple years ago I planned to start a blog called “Crushed Out” where I’d just enthuse about whatever was blowing my mind at the moment (Tulips! Aveda Curl Enhancer! Nigella Lawson!), thus saving my friends the tedium thereof. I planned to start it…but it was too much work. If we could tag-team our Thursday Favorites, it wouldn’t be too much of a commitment, and everyone could participate.

  6. enthuse about whatever was blowing my mind at the moment

    Isn’t that what blogs are for?

  7. LP says:

    Ooh, an assignment from Professor Wells! I love that idea! Also love the stuff on your list; I can imagine some great stories would come out in the comments.

    I also agree that expanding the “list” idea to include many other forms of entertainment is smart. I’ve never done a playlist, partly because I get most of my new music from you-alls. So, bring on the new lists, I say, or the “My favorite…”

  8. Kate the Great says:

    I like swells’ idea.

  9. Jeremy says:

    me too.

  10. lane says:

    my sydney pollack thing was a was of expanding the repitroure (sp?)

    frankly, the obsessing over pop music and its various configurations is so white, mid 20’s, and boy.

    and with the due appoligies, most of the people here at TGW, are none of these things.

  11. PB says:

    To Lane – actually thank you so much for the SP post or I would not be able to contribute to these Thurs lists – even when I was white, in my 20’s and a boy, I still couldn’t speak much to hip music.

    except for Bowie of course – the hippest of all – hee hee, just teasing you . . .

  12. swells says:

    PB: Come on now. That’s no joke.

  13. Dave says:

    I thought most of the people here are white, and many of them boys. Did this change while I was away? I agree that most of us are not in our 20s.

    I love this “Thursday favorites” idea. How about we have the two formats available –playlists or favorites. Playlists of movies or whatever are of course perfectly fine, but I can see the favorites format having its own potential.

  14. Gale says:

    Favorites is my favorite. A great assignment.