Tuesday miscellany

It’s 10 p.m. on Monday. I thought about writing a post on the agony of chronic indecision, but couldn’t make up my mind (ba dum bum). Instead, I offer the following diversions and bemusements.

1. The Awareness Test.

I failed. Will you?

Do The Test.

2. Sidewalk art.

What does this chalk drawing depict?


Viewed from the opposite direction, it produces an incredible 3-D effect:


This chalk artist does all kinds of optical-illusion sidewalk drawings. Here’s another:


And here’s a website with more. Yes, many of them appear to be product placements. But hey, a chalk artist has to make a living somehow.

3. The Satanvertible’s big break.

After slagging off the Satanvertible in a previous post, I must now report that it has gone and become a Hollywood star. A friend working on a short film for HBO asked if the filmmakers could borrow it, as they needed a convertible for a few scenes and had a limited budget. I drove it to the Pink Motel…


…and was met by the director, who embraced me, then turned and pointed at his rear end and said, “This is my ass. You are saving it. Thank you.”

Here’s the Satanvertible posing with the stars of the movie and some blonde chick hanger-on. The movie’s called “Reunion.” Look for it on HBO in a couple of months, or if you happen to be in Miami, check it out at the Miami Gay & Lesbian film festival.


4. Handlebars, by the Flobots.

I saw this video a few weeks ago and can’t get the song out of my head. It’s kind of disturbing, but also kind of fantastic.


5. Paul Potts on the British show “Pop Idol.”

Had any of you heard of this guy? I hadn’t either. What a video.


6. Cambridge Face Memory Test.

Apparently, a certain percentage of the population has significant difficulty telling the difference between similar faces. This online test assesses your ability to do so.

7. Ellen Page on SNL.

Sorry, Juno-haters! I’m in the tank for Ellen Page. And after seeing this video, I’m all the more so. This cracked me UP.


19 responses to “Tuesday miscellany”

  1. A White Bear says:

    Well, color me shocked. I got 72/72 on that face recognition test. This is especially hilarious since I’m comically bad with faces. So is this evidence that I am actually great with faces, or that, when the robot overlords come, I’ll know which of them are out to get me? (That is, IRL, one has tan/pale/blush to contend with, teeth, gain and loss of weight, hairdos, etc. Too hard.)

  2. Marleyfan says:

    After watching the last video, I now think that I’m a lesbian.

    The Satanvertivle finally worked out for you, glad to hear it. Is that your 15 seconds?

    Also, I got more than average on the faces, but just barely.

    I liked this post.

  3. Dave says:

    67% of the faces — just barely out of “you may have face recognition difficulties. Which makes sense — I think of myself as pretty bad at remembering/recognizing faces. It’s often hard for me to keep track of actors from one movie to another, for example.

    On the other hand, the faces all looked like robot goblins, so maybe I actually do better with humans.

  4. jeremy says:

    87%. why can’t they use real faces? i’m way better with real faces than video game faces…

  5. jeremy says:

    just saw dave’s comment. they did look like robot goblins!

  6. Lisa Parrish says:

    #3: In an online chat where people were discussing the face-recognition thing, those who scored low said their biggest complaint was not being able to tell characters apart in movies unless they looked really different.

    One guy wrote in to say “It took me at least half an hour to realize that there were two different characters in ‘The Departed.’ [Matt Damon and Leo Dicaprio]. Once I knew that, I could pretty much tell them apart.”

  7. El Narco Godfree says:


  8. Dave says:

    Yeah, I can tell the major stars apart, usually, but some whole movies are lost on me. I had to watch Chariots of Fire several times before I understood that the Jew and the religious Scot and the aristocrat were not the same guy.

    And combined with my poor memory for names, this face-recognition deficit might help explain why I don’t like meeting new people, and why I love the Internet so.

  9. hayley mills says:

    so who among you are still puzzling over paul dano and the sunday brothers in there will be blood?

  10. Hey, that’s really cool: I got a 93%.

    It was funny listening to my thought processes when memorizing the faces: Oh, that’s Eternally Chipmunk Face, that’s Elf-Innocent, That’s Fish-Face. And he looks like a henchman.

    Most of those faces registered as male to me, too. I wonder if they did that on purpose.

  11. LT says:

    Defintions:: phhht.
    Facts: I make up my own.

    But faces: 97% correct.

    However I will never give away the identities of any of my GW comrades if they appear in a police line-up. Fight the power.

  12. Beth W says:

    I got 94% correct and a little bored. It was longer than I expected. Like Kate, I looked for distinguishing characteristics but towards the end I just kept thinking about Moby and aliens.

    Those sidewalk chalk drawings are cool. I heard the Flobots song on the radio today — twice.

  13. autumn says:

    I chronically pronounce the wrong word and I missed the moonwalking bear, but I scored 99% on the face game–which made me think of two things. #1) How until I chose to not be ‘the recognizer’ it could quickly get awkward as I attempted to walk a person through the first time we met on a second or third introduction. I find it much easier on everyone to just say, ‘oh hello, nice to meet you, my name is…” #2) A fairly common Los Angeles experience of trying to figure out where you know that face in line for coffee or standing next to you at a show (is it school? work? yoga?) …No, it’s just a film and television star.

    Anyways, I like the perception/awareness thread in this post and I LOVED that UK Idol video. Just made me tear all up. Give than man some eyeliner and an orchestra–what a gentle talented fellow!

  14. juliethepingpongqueen says:

    88% not the best but 1% more than JZ !!! yeehaw.

  15. ssw says:

    i had the same score and the same reaction (at least I beat Jeremy!). ha ha

  16. JD says:

    I think the satanmobile looks stunning!

  17. J-Man says:

    90% (after a couple glasses of wine). But I had the same problem with “The Departed” – I think I stopped the dvd about halfway through and went, “wait a minute…..how can he be in two places at once?! Is this a psycho-thriller?” Tim couldn’t understand my confusion. But then again, I guess all square jawed white guys with dirty blond hair look the same to me….

  18. Tim Wager says:

    But then again, I guess all square jawed white guys with dirty blond hair look the same to me.

    And maybe that’s why I should keep the beard.

  19. Jenomnibus says:

    Nooo! I was joking!! I love your square jawline! I could pick you out of a crowd anytime, I swear.