Sanctimonious coffee filters

If you care...

As I discovered about a year ago, this is the only brand of coffee filters available at the local Whole Fountainhead. I didn’t want to buy them because the manufacturer/brander/purveying-corporate-nexus clearly holds me and everyone else who buys them in contempt. Either the manufacturer doesn’t “care” but thinks I can be manipulated into buying these coffee filters to demonstrate that I “care,” or the manufacturer does “care,” and deeply, and thinks that those who don’t buy the product don’t “care” and thus deserve opprobrium.

3 responses to “Sanctimonious coffee filters”

  1. josh k-sky says:

    This is the retail equivalent of those “I am a right-thinking person/I kick puppies” dialogs you get on Upworthy and its heirs. It feels good to kick the puppy, although maybe not now that it’s automatic.

  2. T-Mo says:

    Cannot one give one’s care freely?

  3. GF says:

    I choose to read it as a passive-aggressive hipster mumble, uttered by a 24-year-old at the end of a bummer of a shift at Philz. “Whatever, here are some coffee filters. They’re compostable if you even care. Forget it, dude. Just drink your coffee and don’t even think about it.”