Demo Boot Camp is Wow!

If you feel your physique needs a bit of help, or you want to lose a few pounds quickly, may I recommend Demo Boot Camp? Demo Boot Camp is fun! Demo Boot Camp is happening!

It’s simple, really; just find a house that needs a lot of work and start ripping shit up. Watch while your arms, legs, and abdomen gain tone! See the flab melt away!

Also, you can turn this

Photo 1

into this.

Photo 2

Not to mention this

Photo 3

into this.

Photo 4

With Demo Boot Camp, this

Photo 5

becomes this.

Photo 6

Or you could turn this

Photo 7

into this.

Photo 8

A floor like this

Photo 9

can turn into this!

Photo 10

(Note happy Demo Boot Camper grinning beneath her face mask.)

8 responses to “Demo Boot Camp is Wow!”

  1. T-Mo says:

    Huh. When I look at this on my phone, most of the photos are rotated the wrong way and scrunched up, but on Firefox on my computer everything is right.

  2. Bryan says:

    Yeah, same. I don’t know enough to fix it though.

    This is a fun post. I love transformation. And it certainly looks like it’s given you all something to do.

  3. J-Man says:

    I was actually laughing hysterically under that mask.

  4. Bryan says:

    You look like you’re saying, “Tim, if you take that picture I have power tools over here that are potentially lethal.”

  5. GF says:

    I have this intense envy of this process that is incomprehensible given how lazy and not-knowing-how-to-do-any-of-this I am. It just somehow looks really fun.

  6. LP says:

    Youse two are like superheroes! Lookit those guns on J-Man!

  7. jeremy says:

    Awesome! I still wanna come over and help… but maybe when the semester is over…

  8. T-Mo says:

    By the time the semester is over we may be painting, so your help would be welcome. However, my question for you, JZ, is what are you doing commenting on TGW on your birthday?!? You should be out doing crazy shit.