We interrupt your weekend: Whatsies housekeeping


Here’s the plan for this year’s Whatsies — our way of looking back on the TGW’s 2007 daily doses.

Anyone who reads this site (contributors, commenters, lurkers) is welcome to nominate a favorite post from 2007. All you have to do is invent an idiosyncratic category for your nominee and write a introduction of 30 words or fewer. (To make an example of a 2006 post, Pandora’s “Bowie Factor” might have been be nominated as “Best Post with Potential to Become a Bestselling Management Guide.”) You can ask to have your nomination put forward anonymously or attach your name — it doesn’t matter to us. You can also nominate more than one post.

We’ll collect the nominations and put forward most or all of them on Thursday, 10 January. (Submission does not guarantee publication; introductions may be edited for length.) Please email your selections to editor@greatwhatsit.com by Monday, 7 January.

Authors: Please also put forward your personal favorite from your own 2007 contributions, same deadline. No introductions necessary for these.

Thank you. Back to your eggnog.

3 responses to “We interrupt your weekend: Whatsies housekeeping”

  1. James says:

    Most likely to make you gain 25 pounds as you wander the Lower East Side; Most likely to force chubby graduate students onto the LIRR for an afternoon of walking in the City; Most likely to derail any diet or hunger strike

    Bryan Waterman’s fantastic entry brings poor, graduate student foodies great delight, dazzling readers with wondrous tales of inexpensive eats and treats to be had in lower Manhattan.

    (For “Sweet and cheap eats on the Lower East Side” by Bryan Waterman, 22 October, 2007; from James C., a lover of knishes and dumplings, and long time “lurker” and Whatsit fan, who studies Art History & Criticism on Long Island.)

  2. cynthia says:

    I don’t remember name of essay now, but it was about cycling and it had 82 comments. I nomminate it for most intresting topic switch

  3. Hey — I never got a chance to say thanks, James, for taking the train in and making that walk around the neighborhood. It’s nice to know someone actually used that little guide. And thanks, too, for delurking yourself. Try it again sometime!

    And Cynthia, that was one of my favorite nominations. I wouldn’t have gone back to that comments thread otherwise and I did find it more than mildly amusing. There were a couple good topic switches in there.