Thursday playlist: YouTube for 6th graders edition

Our guest curator, Molly, attends middle school in lower Manhattan. An expert in Web-surfing, she considers YouTube just one of the places to find cool things. The following is the product of two years’ worth of careful YouTube analysis. These are the links every person on the planet should know.

1. Muffins

At first, you want some muffins. By the end, you want to run away.

2. California Screamin’

I’ve never been on this ride, and I never will.

3. Wizard Angst

For teenagers, it’s teenage angst. For Harry, it’s wizard angst.

4. American Idol, Simpsons Style

Dogs? I like Dogs! Wooooo!

5. Charlie the Unicorn

They took my freakin’ kidney!


13 responses to “Thursday playlist: YouTube for 6th graders edition”

  1. Rachel says:

    So my students know all the Charlie the Unicorn shorts and thought I would especially appreciate “Candy Mountain”–which I did–but it also made me feel the generation gap yawning between us for the first time. Acutely. I mean, how did I miss this phenomenon?

    Thanks, Molly. This is such a good playlist!

  2. Scotty says:

    Charlie demonstrates that one should never trust seemingly sweet unicorns. This is something I’ve suspected for a long time, but now I have the proof. They’re all just after your organs – I knew it!

  3. Tim Wager says:

    Freakin’ overly solicitous unicorns!

    Speaking of unicorns, has anyone seen the Planet Unicorn videos? Youtube ’em up. I guarantee you’ll be singing the theme song the rest of the day.

  4. lt says:

    Dear Molly,

    Thanks so much for your guest blog! I really enjoyed watching your favorite Youtube picks, especially Charlie the Unicorn. . Here’s another one that makes you want to call everyone Chah-lie all day.


  5. LP says:

    Nice playlist, Molly! But I can’t believe you didn’t include this!

    Oh-oh-oh! I’ve got my hairspray and radio!

  6. Lisa, how could you choose that cheesy slideshow over this version, or this one?

  7. or this one. who knew?

    thanks tim and lisa for the additional recs. we watched them this afternoon while molly was checking her comments after school.

  8. LP says:

    Wow! Those are fantastic! What in the world did 14-year-old boys do before YouTube? How cute is that Fwench boy!?

  9. Marleyfan says:

    I showed these to my 10 year old son, Asa, and he’d already seen them all except the rollercoaster. Mollymouse rocks. Asa misses Molly..

  10. Missy says:

    Great playlist, Molly. I would love to go on that roller coaster ride. I LOVE them. Here’s what I can’t stop playing on teh YouTube.

  11. Dave says:

    Wow, those are some great videos. Thanks, Molly. YouTube song memes: completely inexplicable.

  12. Adriana says:

    Jasper and I finally got the chance to view the collection together and were greatly amused. Mmmm, blood muffins.

  13. In the week since she posted, Molly has acquainted us with YouTube’s testimony to the wonders of potty trained cats — not to mention the autoerotic kitty (which, luckily, was tagged in a foreign language, and which she assumed was scratching its ass, though a simple search shows there are a lot of masturbating cats on YouTube).