Weekend recs


Sam Francis: Five Decades of Abstract Expressionism from California Collections, Pasadena Museum of California Art, now through January 5, 2014

Do giant, colorful abstract paintings make your heart thrum? Does your very being vibrate at a special frequency when you are in the presence of overwhelming visual beauty? Do you dig the mysteries of the void? Visit this show! A giant among Abstract Expressionists from the mid-’50s until his death in 1994, Sam Francis created a deep and vast body of work, each phase of which is well represented here. I laughed! I cried! I want to see it again and again! — Tim Wager


Chris Cohen, Overgrown Path (Captured Tracks, 2012)

All the reviews of Chris Cohen’s new album seem to begin with a summary of his impressive musical résumé. Let’s skip that part and just say that as a sideman his talents are clearly underutilized. The songs on Overgrown Path are, at the same time, complex and catchy, old and original, quirky compositions and enchanting pop. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I do. — John Wood

[Disclaimer: I recently had the pleasure of playing in Chris’ band. But long before that, I was a fan of his music. Having to actually learn how to play it only bolstered my appreciation of his craft.]

One response to “Weekend recs”

  1. Farrell Fawcett says:

    I meant to say something about this post for two weeks now. Finally!

    Tim, I wanted to tell you how much I loved looking at that image. It’s so beautiful. I wanted it to be a permanent image I could see every time I clicked on TGW. I’ve gotta figure out how to visit LA before that show closes. Thanks man!

    And thank you John. I ended up reading more about Chris. Damn, he’s really done a lot of music with a lot of people. And I like this album (and it’s on Captured Tracks, a personal favorite!). God, you live an awesome life getting to make music with guys like this–and all the rest.