I don’t like it … I love it: NWBW March 2013 mix


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1. Dark Night / El Perro Del Mar
2. Imperial Motors / Lives of Angels
3. Going to a Go-Go / The Miracles
4. Nowhere to Run / Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
5. My Time / Roberto Cacciapaglia
6. Soul Tamasheq / Lakal Kanaye
7. Dreadlock Holiday / 10cc
8. In Another Way / My Bloody Valentine
9. 2000 Light Years from Home / The Rolling Stones
10. Society’s Child (Baby I’ve Been Thinking) / Janis Ian
11. Tell Me (What’s on Your Mind) / Allah-Las
12. I Follow You / Melody’s Echo Chamber
13. Ce Weeti / Hamadth Kah


So winter’s breaking. For you that may mean your last tussle with snow, or what you hope is the last. For me it means the heat’s starting to rise, a degree or two every couple days, nudging its way up into the 80s more often than not. Swimming weather. Given that Nathan’s experiencing one set of conditions and I’m in the other, I think it’s no mistake that these songs hover somewhere between spring iceflows and driving with the top down.

They also hover between the 60s and the 70s, with a stronger foot in the former. Even the most recent songs here seem to be time-traveling to ’66 or ’79. A little bit psychedelic go-go, with sharp Saharan detours, and a little robotic rock and roll.

As with most of our mixes, these are songs we emailed back and forth to each other over the last month or two, so to some degree they reflect current listening patterns. I’ve been reading pop-saturated memoirs by Andy Warhol and Richard Hell; Nathan intersected with those sounds when he sent me the Allah-Las track to kick off this round. He’s also been kind enough to introduce me to the brilliant Saharan cellphone compilations from Sahel Sounds. (This one too.) Duane had a hand in it. In all ways and at all times, give thanks to the Internet. And pledge to WFMU.


A bonus track. We’d love to hear your comments.


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9 responses to “I don’t like it … I love it: NWBW March 2013 mix”

  1. T-Mo says:

    I’m about half way through and really like it. I especially love the Lives of Angels’ track, so very Eno-fronting-Suicide. I hadn’t heard of them, so I Googled for the back story, which is interesting. I really like couching newer music in the context of other, older stuff (Motown, etc.). I look forward to listening to the rest. Thanks, NW & BW!

  2. Farrell Fawcett says:

    Oh Bryan, this is really fantastic to have another mix from you and NW. I’m sorry but I still haven’t had a chance to play this yet. I don’t have much to say yet. But I will comment more soon. I can at least say that I really loved that Lives of Angels track (like Tim) and the Perro del Mar too. Your brother played them for me when we were out bar hoping in Brooklyn a few weeks ago. In fact I went home and downloaded them. Ha! Youse have good taste.

  3. Tim says:

    And of course Joy Division, now that I’m listening to the rest of the Lives of Angels record. So good!

  4. Bryan says:

    I hear a lot of Durutti Column in Lives of Angels too. (“It’s time for a Vini Reilly comeback!”)

  5. Rachel says:

    Very nice!

    Also, you chose what is hands-down the most mind-blowing MBV track of a mind-blowing album. On repeat two weeks and counting.

  6. Bryan says:

    The album is soooooo good.

  7. Dave says:

    Okay, that last track is just amazing. Sting must have been tantrically pleased with himself for like 14 hours nonstop when his minions played it for him.

  8. Rachel says:

    Lately I have been digging The 5 Eps by Disco Inferno. So much Vini Reilly sound, especially in “At the End of the Line” and “The Last Dance.” Great stuff!

  9. Bryan says:

    Ooh! Thx for the rec. One-click purchased in a snap. (Er, in a click.)