A post-Sandy walk through the Seaport

Photo by Teri Tynes

This post by my friend Teri Tynes, from her blog Walking Off the Big Apple, and especially the picture of Fresh Salt, above, had me missing home more than usual this week. Coincidentally, I’d finally had an email from Jason, the first I’d heard from him since they moved to Austin a the end of the year, and they seem to be doing well there. It’s odd to think that when we’re back in New York briefly over the summer he won’t be at the bar, and the bar won’t look quite the same either. (High water — standing water — in the bar following the hurricane was over 7 feet.) Anyway, for those of you who feel the way about the Seaport that I do, take a couple minutes to look at Teri’s terrific post.

And then watch this, also set in the old hood, which is the way Charlie and I were singing this song long before we saw this video:

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2 responses to “A post-Sandy walk through the Seaport”

  1. LP says:

    While In NY a few weeks ago, I went down to Fresh Salt to meet a few friends. At first, when the cab driver dropped me off at Pearl & Beekman, I thought I was in the wrong place. Nothing looked the same as I remembered, and it hadn’t been *that* long since I’d been there – had it? As I walked down toward the water, I just got more confused. then I saw Fresh Salt, and I finally realized what was different: It was the only place open. I was used to seeing lights, people, activity. But this was the only shop in business. The good news is, Fresh Salt looks pretty much like it always did (at least as far as I could tell). I’m really glad it reopened.

    Thanks for these Monday posts, Bryan. It’s nice to see you back here.

  2. FPS says:

    I thought Fresh Salt looked exactly the same inside but I have a poor eye for such details sometimes.

    Wow, so Jason moved to Austin. FreshSaltian bars would be well liked in Austin, if he’s still in that biz.