Freaky new Bowie video

starring Tilda Swinton.

    7 responses to “Freaky new Bowie video”

    1. Rachel says:

      Oh, wow. I was just listening to Roxy’s “If There Is Something” and swooning. This is a PERFECT next entry to the playlist. Thanks, B.

    2. Dave says:

      Yeah, this is pretty cool. I could have done without the unbearably pretentious credits tho. It’s a fucking music video. Credits MTV style.

    3. Bryan says:

      Can we have something like a book club except for where we just sit around and talk about this video?

    4. Bryan says:

      That’s exactly what I needed. Thanks.

    5. Mister Smearcase says:

      Oh my god. Thank you for reminding me, indirectly, that Love is a Stranger is the best music video ever.