A Christmas mix

Or put it on for the solstice, the turning of the Mayan calendar page, or what have you. Some of it’s kind of out there and/or heavy, but download it for the first track at least and you can ignore the rest if you want. Jazz harpsichord!

(By the way, two of the tracks here are from “…and darkness came,” a downloadable compilation benefitting organizations that helped with Sandy relief — definitely worth a donation for those of you who are into that kind of music.)


1) England’s Carol – Modern Jazz Quartet
2) Karakurenai (Crimson) – Andy Akiho
3) A Folk Study – Laurie Spiegel
4) The Last Christmas – Peter Broderick
5) Occom’s Carol – Tim Eriksen
6) Black Tears – Francis Bebey
7) Landscape of Wheels – 芦川聡
8) Listen To The Light – Between
9) Orient-Occident – Iannis Xenakis
10) Death of V – James Blackshaw
11) Oraison – Olivier Messiaen
12) Non-Eternal – Max Richter

2 responses to “A Christmas mix”

  1. J-Man says:

    This mix is extremely enjoyable! (Such a nice change from the Swingin’ Christmas station I’ve inexplicably been listening to a lot the past couple of weeks). So wintry, glassine, beautiful and challenging at moments. Love the darkness, love the light. Thanks Dave, and happy Solstice to all!