Thursday playlist: My(space) friends

The Hair PUddle is a project based on questioning the culture industry’s domination over how we experience art and music. The idea is simple: anyone in the world can receive a free Hair PUddle CD wrapped in original artwork – all one has to do is ask and supply the project’s overseer, Mr. H. PUddle, with a mailing address.

Through the dissemination of “creatorless,” free art and music, Mr. Puddle hopes that a few people in the world may question the process by which cultural experiences are funneled into their psyches. The Hair PUddle is also intended to be fun – if the project’s only achievement is to place some smiles on some faces or to inspire some booty shaking it won’t be considered a failure, but a vast success.

An unintended byproduct of the project is that it has catalyzed questioning within some CD recipients regarding their levels of trust in other humans. In other words, upon receiving CDs, several people have emailed Mr. PUddle to express surprise that they weren’t the victims of an Internet scam, and extreme joy in trusting the strange and mysterious project overseer. Mr. PUddle is thrilled at this accidental occurrence, but will not claim it as one of the project’s original intentions.

Another thrilling byproduct of the project has been Mr. PUddle’s exposure to some really great music via Myspace. This is where the following playlist comes in– it is composed of some of the more enjoyable songs that have found their way to his ears.

Though the songs you are about to hear are sonically varied, they share some important aspects: all receive less than fifty hits per day, and all (but one) are offered as free downloads. A wonderful coincidence of the playlist is that every band/performer is from a different country; thus it is international in scope.

Mr. PUddle hopes that you take the time to give all the songs a listen, and suggests downloading them so you can experience a seamless playlist:

“Energy” Anne Bacheley with R. Sachet (France)

If you can keep from feeling overwhelmed by joy from the musical and lyrical purity in this little gem, you might want to have your soul inspected for damage. Also, Mr. PUddle admits that he’s always been a sucker for a good friendship duet.

“Navidad” Yonkis (Argentina)

Like a throwback to “Surfer Rosa” – at first you may wish that the production was a little cleaner; then you’ll find yourself mesmerized by the lo-fi-fuck-you-ness of it all. Rock on, boys!

“All on My Own” Insultilators (Canada)

You may need to listen with headphones to capture the wonderful nuances of this musical conversation between someone who’s newly on his own and an old hat. This track reminds Mr. PUddle of countless conversations that he’s overheard in bars and coffee houses. The character development is precise and exquisite.

“I’m Not a Stalker” Natalie Findlay (UK)

It’s not an accident that Mr. PUddle picked this heavy hitter to bat cleanup. At the time of writing this, one may be shocked that this song has had only 105 listens. The delivery is charmingness incarnate, and the guitar playing and production are perfect. Listen and you will be smitten.

“Paraiso de Menta” Denver (Chile)

Now you’re ready to dance and jump in a joyful circle! This song is not to be recommended for peoplewho are trying to keep their composure while sitting in an office cubicle. You’ll think that you can control yourself during the verse, but when the chorus kicks in? I think infectious is the word.

“Valentine” Pequeña Fiera! (Spain)

Self-described as “singing without words,” you will find yourself swearing that you can make out some discernable lyrics, but don’t get too caught-up in this exercise – just sit back and listen to the glorious orchestration.

“Rumpelstilskin (falls into a K-hole)” Sonno (US)

Admittedly, Mr. PUddle first listed out of intrigue over the song’s title, but it didn’t take long before he was caught in the Neil Youngesque vocal melody. And just when you think you have the breadth of the song dialed-in the second voice enters and you’re dealing with another duet here. Like a Jersey tomato, the sweetness will stay with you long after the experience ends – truly great stuff from Mr.PUddle’s home state.

“Light Off” Blu Air (Italy)

Mr. PUddle’s heart is broken. For some reason Blu Air has decided to make this track no longer downloadable, but it is just too good to be removed from the playlist – especially as the final song. Give it a listen and you’ll know what he’s talking about. A forewarning: you will be haunted for days.

Mr. PUddle thanks you and hopes you enjoy this wonderful world of music.

10 responses to “Thursday playlist: My(space) friends”

  1. Mr. PUddle —

    great songs, every one. i love the international spread & the stylistic diversity & the fact that most of these folks aren’t well known. you’re right, too — it would have been wrong of you not to give us that final track.

    i wish artists would all tag their tracks — some of them came right up in iTunes but others had to be keyed in. but that’s a small price to pay for free good music, i suppose.

    WC editor/TGW MySpace guru: have you added all these artists as our friends?

  2. yet to be determined says:

    much love to mr puddle for this…if there was anyway to filter most of the shit thats on myspace he jus did it! navidad, all on my own, light off are standouts.

  3. Tim Wager says:

    Oh, the joy of it all! Mr. H.PU., many thanks for introducing us to these wonderful songs and artists. I love them all. I love, too, the sneaky assault you’re making on the culture industry. Give it away! It will be returned to you in abundance.

  4. Hey, thanks a lot for including my song! The guest vocalist is Renaud Sachet, you should check out his band, Buggy, and the other bands on the label he owns, Herzfeld (

  5. Jeremy says:

    I love me some hair puddle! (But I can’t believe you didn’t insert the photo of the HP fan kissing his hair puddle tattoo!)

    I’m wondering if this post is going to increase your free-album requests to the point that you’ll have to hire, like, an intern or something.

  6. Mr. H. PUddle says:

    Little Mr. Jeremy, do you want to come and work for the PUddle? All you have to do is ask.

    Thanks to those of you who took the time to listen; I know this format is imperfect.

  7. Trixie Honeycups says:

    mr. PUddle,
    my favorite was the denver song. but i loved checking out all those sites. i agree with #2: you really found some gems.
    also, the cd is great. the birthday party song and the comics song are our current favorites.
    please take a shave, then kiss mrs. PUddle for us.

  8. Jeremy says:

    I would be honored to intern for the PUddle!

  9. cynthia says:

    second that