Drug art pop quiz

Washington, D.C. artist Bryan Lewis Saunders took lots of different kinds of drugs. After ingesting each one, he drew a self-portrait. The resulting collection, titled Drugs, is a fascinating window into how different substances affect the mind.

Click here for the full collection, but before doing so, try this pop quiz. The portraits below were drawn after Saunders ingested Xanax, cocaine, crystal meth, bath salts, hash and mushrooms. Which is which?













7 responses to “Drug art pop quiz”

  1. T-Mo says:

    1. Mushrooms
    2. Hash
    3. Cocaine
    4. Bath salts
    5. Xanax
    6. Crystal Meth

  2. T-Mo says:

    I got 2 right. There is much I do not know about drugs.

    Pruno sounds like a laxative, but it is “prison wine,” a kind of home brew.

  3. J-Man says:

    What’s interesting is that each drawing looks like it was done by a different person. That’s some crazy sauce!

  4. Bryan says:

    My guesses were pretty much the same as Tim’s, so I guess I’m just 1/3 with it too. Also, I couldn’t help but note that this dude looks like a cross of Dan Deacon and Keith Haring. Right?

    The My Pretty Pony T-shirt is a nice touch.

  5. FPS says:

    Someone should do this with blog entries instead of drawings! Who’s in?

  6. Farrell Fawcett says:

    I totally call bull shit! on this project. I mean his artwork is definitely cool and evocative. They definitely communicate emotional states. The problem I have is that many of his medication doses and choices are highly suspicious. 1.) Many of the meds and doses he references would knock us (and him) on our asses–i mean heavy deep sleep (seroquel 100mg, Risperdal 4mg, Trazedone 100mg.) 2.) some of them wouldn’t be felt at all: Zoloft, cephalexin (the antibiotic aka Keflex, c’mon…), My contention is that he painted half of these in no real altered state and then attached a drug name and dose to each of them. Also, Abilify 90mg? That’s about 6x the standard dose range. Really? (and this is a project where he does tend to stay within the normal therapeutic dosing ranges). I’m annoyed. but I did like how many crazy versions of himself he created–whether he was actually fucked up or not. This was fun to look through. Thanks for posting this LP!

  7. T-Mo says:

    FF, I’m so happy that one of our resident MD’s checked in on this. I don’t know a thing about more than half of the drugs named. Glad to know quality control is on its game. The pictures *are* cool nonetheless.