Best things this week

Sorry for the grab-bag format, folks, but it’s late and I have a terrible sunburn from gardening all day. (I know, cry me a river, right? Boo-hoo, suburban academic on summer break!) These are some of the things that have delighted me recently:

1. Simon Reynolds interviews Greil Marcus for the Los Angeles Review of Books. Greil Marcus, should he require any introduction, is “widely considered the greatest living rock writer”; Simon Reynolds is an all-around fabulous music guy and author of Retromania and Rip It Up and Start Again: Postpunk 1978-1984. (He also wrote the review of The Real Ramona that got me into Throwing Muses. It was the first–and possibly only–time I decided to part with hard-earned cash for a record without ever hearing a note, seeing a picture of the band, or knowing anything about them. Just the strength of the review! Thanks, man.)

2. Should you want to revisit your own musical past, the entire back catalog of Spin magazine is now available, in fully-searchable facsimile format, on Google Books. Upside: hours of fun! Downside: if you’re only as old as you feel, this will make you old indeed.

3. Gatsby Comics! (click to enlarge)

See also the great Kate Beaton for more.

4. And if you haven’t checked it out yet, laugh yourself silly at Better Book Titles.

This one is great for class discussion:

But this one is awesome too:

5. Finally, remember Donna Summer and Robin Gibb in your upcoming Memorial Day dance party.



2 responses to “Best things this week”

  1. stepherwepher says:

    I couldn’t help myself wondering, mm. is there a mashup yet of beegees AND donna summer yet?

    of course there is!

  2. PB says:

    I had a Spin magazine subscription for five years in the eighties. I was working in a record store and as cool as I ever was or will be. I used to live for the back page essay by Henry Rollins of Black Flag who is also an amazing writer. I carried around a feature about kids who wear black and how they look Amish for years. Spin magazine. Sigh. Good times. I sense a virtual rabbit hole to fall into.