Memorial Day 2012 Mixmas

I know the holiday is still a week away. But this is my agreed-on blog day this month. So, I guess this gives y'all an advance week to figure out your favorite songs before the barbecues start. Fwiw, this a great mix of songs. The point of gathering songs for this mix is to help me and Trix share our favorite tracks before the moment passes and the end of the year arrives and it's December and we suddenly realize we haven't listened to those early-year wonderful songs from January-May for a long long time. And then sadly, they don't make it onto the mixmas. But tragedy no longer! Here is the link to 21 of our favorite songs since 2012 started. And they are oh-so lovable. Enjoy!


1.) Carly Rae Jepsen – Call me maybe
2.) Kelly Clarkson – What doesn't kill you
3.) They who shall not be named – Payphone
4.) Poolside – Harvest Moon
5.) Saint Etienne – Tonight
6.) Blood Orange – Champagne Coast
7.) M. Ward – Primitive Girl
8.) Lotus Plaza – Remember Our Days
9.) Chromatics – Kill for Love
10.) Taragana Pyrajama – Growing Forehead
11.) DJ Shadow & Little Dragon – Scale it Back (Robotaki Remix)
12.) Molly Nilsson – Hotel Home
13.) Men at Work – Overkill
14.) PJ Harvey – Hanging on the Wire
15.) Quilt – Milo
16.) Apparat – Black Water

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17.) Gatto Fritto – The Curse
18.) Say Hi – All the Pretty Ones
19.) The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Heart in Your Heartbreak (Twin Shadow Remix)
20.) Autour de Lucie – L'accord parfait
21.) Cardinal – Her

And a tiny explanation. The first three songs are huge top 40 hits from the past 5 months. I put them up front, (and couldn't bring myself to say the name of the super lame white band who made the 3rd position. It's an awesome Getty Lee Falsetto song. It's a shame they got to record it and not Maxwell or Prince or Beck. But you can easily skip over those three, if Top 40's not your idea of pleasure. No problem, but I do feel sorry for you. The next two songs, Poolside and Champagne Coast, were featured here on this blog posting as two Youtubes in the last couple months, so you can skip them as well if you've already had your fill. The last 16 tracks are mainly from 2012, but occasionally, as a listener you're still bumping into great late 2011 songs that you might never heard till now. It happens a lot. In conclusion, I'd really love to know if there's a song on the mix that grabs you in that special way. Please, it's so gratifying for me to knoow. And it helps me manufacture even better mixes. Love you guys/gals! And have a rocking Memorial Day Weekend soon! XOXOxo!!!


13 responses to “Memorial Day 2012 Mixmas”

  1. KS says:

    Very excited for the new tunes…will listen during a half marathon on Sun. and report back afterwards. It is possible I will be putting the Clarkson song on repeat to get me through a distance I’m not quite in shape for. I often listen to your downloads when I run. Mixmas 2010 & 2011 got me through a ten miler a few weeks ago. Always fun stuff. Just wanted to let you know that someone out there is always grateful for the time you take to share your funky tunage. :)

  2. Rachel says:

    Make that multiple someones! A mixmas is always cause for celebration.

  3. Dave says:

    Awesome. Let the summer begin!

    Speaking of Beck, I really like this cover he did recently.

  4. farrell fawcett says:

    Hey thanks for the kind words KS (And Rachel). Good luck on your half marathon! And in case you need more stuff to listen to, and since you said you like them, here are four mixmas collections that predate 2010. Stay hydrated! And please write us a tgw post sometime, will ya?

  5. farrell fawcett says:

    Dave, I totally agree. R. heard it from across the room and said “is this Beck? What an awesome cover.” You two have exquisitely good taste.

  6. Tim says:

    I love that Beck cover, too. It came out of an event curated by Doug Aitken at the Hirshhorn in DC, at which many artists — No Age, Oneohtrix, one of the Animal Collective dudes, etc. — interpreted that song. There are also wicked cool visuals projected onto the exterior of the museum. You can watch the entire two hours of the event (which I highly recommend) at, of all places, Pitchfork. It is trance inducing.

    Thanks for the Mixmas, FF!

  7. LP says:

    Farrell, I love you and I love your mixes. And I love Trixie.

    That is all.

  8. josh k-sky says:

    Always happy for Mixmas! I hate all ways that music reaches my ears except these mixes.

    Ann Powers is into dudes who are into Call Me Maybe:

  9. AWB says:

    I am always grateful for Mixmas.

  10. Dave says:

    I shall try to keep the true spirit of Mixmas in my heart every day of the year.

  11. Trixie says:

    I love you too LP!!

    Actually, I love all y’all.

  12. KS says:

    WRT comment #4: Wow, you have given me enough good tunage to run the entire marathon…and then some (even though the fourth link–V-Day 2007, I think–is “no longer available” on divshare). All those tunes will help keep me fleet-footed for months. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It’s like having Farrell & Trixie as my imaginary, virtual cheerleaders as I plod through the streets of Cleveland.

    Also, thanks for the ongoing support for a post, Farrell. It’s quite a lovely compliment, truly. Just to explain things, I kind of expressed an interest in this a few months back but never got the necessary intel from the powers that be on how exactly to do it so I gave up the idea. Perhaps my enthusiasm was insufficient, or…?

  13. swells says:

    Thank you for your mix! Sadly, I am using it for grading rather than exercising, but it’s actually a better tempo for that for my needs, and it’s gotten me through some long late hours already. Since you asked for faves, I am digging Taragana Pyjarama, Cardinal, and Molly Nilsson, not to mention my UC Davis homie DJ Shadow. I’m sorry to tell you I can’t get behind your top 40 parade this time and I accept your pity. When the Poolside kicks in is where it starts for me–I’ve been enjoying that for a while and I think it might be, blasphemy, an improvement on the master . . . don’t tell anyone I said that! As for Men at Work, I know someone who’s feeling pretty special about that song right now and who made you include it in the mix, so let’s shout out that unexpected little nugget right now. And finally, how can I not enjoy “Champagne Coast” when it will now forever conjure up those smiling underpants in the video you posted? Thanks for the music and the exuberance!