Shapes and beeps and rapture

hellz yeah. Bigify this, sit back, and watch it ALL, even if you think you don’t like this kinda music, because while you may think you get the gist of it at first, it’s exponential. and this is without even the element of color! Finally we know why he’s called Squarepusher–it’s the perfect enactment of his hame.


3 responses to “Shapes and beeps and rapture”

  1. Tim says:


  2. J-Man says:

    What a bleepifying experience! Fan-bleeping-tastico! It’s great to see that Vader has finally done something positive with all that power. Note to self: get super-cool light-helmet for next gig.

  3. Farrell Fawcett says:

    What I loved about this Swells is how your wide ranging tastes never stop surprising me. I never woulda guessed. And then watching this made me wish I could experience this live loud and in person. A sensory crushing event. Must be ridonc.