LA Absmobbers

8 responses to “LA Absmobbers”

  1. LP says:

    I wonder: Is it pronounced “Abzmobbers” or “Ab-Smobbers”?

    Also, this is much nicer graffiti than the graffiti pictured in all those LA riots 20-years-later photos

  2. Tim says:

    Maybe it’s “A.B.S. Mobbers,” for this crew.

  3. LP says:

    Haaa! And this is their international affiliate. Make sure you have your sound turned up. Jazzy!

  4. LP says:

    Wooops – the sound was actually on this site. I had multiple ABSMobbers tabs open.

    I really liked the notion of music accompanying the Bovine Genetics site.

  5. LP says:

    BTW: “For they easygoing, uncomplicated, relevant woman”? I’m not sure a woman in this society can really be C if she is neither A nor B.

  6. Dave says:

    Nothing uncomplicated can be relevant, ever.

    (8-hour constitutional law exam tomorrow.)

  7. Tim says:

    Break a leg, Dave!

  8. PB says:

    Maybe: ?

    Good luck Dave!!!!