Farewell to a dear artifact

Farewell to you dear artifact.  I look forward to seeing you from time to time, but I need for you to understand that there are no guarantees in life.  Who knows where you will you ultimately come to rest — maybe in a landfill. Or maybe some college kid will buy you at a thrift store and hang you over his dresser. Maybe you’ll even get that kid laid one night by impressing the art student who he’s been courting. Maybe you’ll do the opposite and repulse the art student.

Who knows?

I do hope that you wind up bringing joy to whoever takes a moment to look at you.  I think that you’re kind of funny, myself.  Don’t take that as a diss — humor is a really important commodity these days.

Most of all, dear friend, I want you to know that I am proud of you, and that you are a special little piece of me. No matter what anyone else thinks of you, to me, you’ll always represent the time that we spent communicating. You are, to me, a compression of precious time-space into an unplanned form.  You are a diamond.

Now go out there and life your life!



5 responses to “Farewell to a dear artifact”

  1. PB says:

    Congratulations on an amazing weekend and a wonderful send off . . .
    (I might steal this, I have 2 kids graduating this year, similar sentiment).

  2. jeremy says:

    Aw. It must be pretty bittersweet to see the things you make disappear… but that one, I believe, will have a home for a good long while… By any chance would this hypothetical kid “courting” an “art student” have the initials WL?

  3. LP says:

    Excited to welcome our new special little piece of Scotty into our home!

  4. Farrell fawcett says:

    Us too! What a magnificent and mysterious and sexy (and rousingly funny) creation. Crikey! I can’t wait to see the roguish artwork in person someday. Forgive me if i don’t feel the need to not spank the cheeky thing. A jolly good toast you wrote, SG! We really must chin chin to all of this soon…bloody good show! Onward…you jack of all trades. XO!!!’s to you and the Queen. Amen.

  5. swells says:

    Chin chin indeed! Here’s one art piece I hope to help the artist deliver to the buyers in person. Congratulations for having the first red dot at the art show, Fawcett/Honeycups. Your taste is exquisite, as always, and you taste exquisite too.