Now digging

Now digging:

*The way the hubbs has been recently rocking three very close but unmatching shades of the same color. I ruminate on color a lot, buckets of lot, but wouldna arrived at this. Here he is today being sky. Yesterday, stone.

*The juicy nugget that Rick Santorum’s wife lived “in sin” for six years with her boyfriend, a high-profile abortion doctor 40 years older than she is WHO DELIVERED HER, and reveling in the moral high ground of not judging her for it. Mocking this online and bragging about how you’re not judging totally doesn’t count.

*This Dan Black song, “Symphonies,” which I can’t decide whether is better experienced with or without the video, or even with or without the Kid Cudi cameo. All four ways work. If you are one of those dopes who thinks rap is boring, do not just turn it off immediately, because there’s more to it! Everyone should maybe Spotify it first to hear the pure sounds of it without the images to influence it, like you’re actually going to log in and do that when the Play button is right there, but you really should because the video is a little bit overbearing (also, fab). Allz I know is I might need to ease up on the rotation soon so I don’t forget all the other songs I know. So much yearning. Gimme more than the life I see.

*Making checklists for everything every day, but big month-long checklists that include the things I actually want to do and am more likely to do if I get to check it off in the end every day. Try it yourself: “Drink enough water.” “Stretch.” “Don’t swear in class.” (I’ve been struggling with this one for a while now. Let’s just say I didn’t get to check that box today. I did get to check “cook an actual meal for once in your dang life” though and that is pretty darn unusual. And no way would it have happened if I didn’t make that list.)

*Head wraps. Superfan. Can’t get enough. Trundle me off to Boca already.

*Finally reading Bossypants, all in one go. I just wanted to read a chapter or two to wind down after I got home from my night class last night and next thing I knew it was three hours later. I blame Tim and Jen for loaning it to me and making me so tired at work today. Yeah, I understand its shortcomings, but I’m not cool enough to be all nonchalant about its funniness: at times my squelched elloelling was shaking the bed and making the hubbs and the pupps grumpy. Mostly because of things like this:

It’s taking a lot of restraint for me not to spoil the funny parts for you.

*Giving myself time gifts, even if in only small chunks. Learning how to own my time even when some other entity (like my job, and my other job, the internet) really owns so much of it. Take back yours! Back off, evil interwaffle! I shut my screen and seize my half hour!

*This sassy badass Mykki Blanco, still working out her flow but owning her power. I guess it’s potentially NSFW, depending on where you W. This is the realest shit you’ll hear in eleven. Maybe twelve too. Plus, dumplings!

Thank you special friend who gifted me with this gumdrop!

*The way coconut milk comes in square cartons now (isn’t it more fun to say tetras?) and pours so nicely on your cereal and in your tea. Blindingly white. Better textured than soy, almond, OR dairy. That tiny hint of coconut reminding you it’s a treat.

*Seeing a doctor’s note on my office mate’s desk, the kind we demand students get to excuse their absences presumably because they really were ill, only the letterhead on this is “Cosmetic Dentistry Center.” (and yes, I know they might be doing something more emergencial than whitening or getting a grill or whatevs, but I so doubt it.)

*Carrying a tiny surprise in your pocket, wearing a secret little splash of color, making a little pen mark on your wrist, something to remind you of delight and luckiness. Try it tomorrow: a little plastic animal. Orange underpants. Just to remind yourself.

*How the kidzz have really bright hair dye again, Manic Panic style. It makes me so optimistic!

*The “One Minute Rule” that I stole from a cheesy book: if you see something you’re putting off doing that’s actually going to only take you a minute or less to do, then just finish it right now. Hang up your coat or answer that one email or recycle your junk mail. Feels good, right? If only you had put that on a list so you could check it off now! Dangit!

*This Lorrie Moore novel, Anagrams. She plays with language so much in it (teaching “Anguish as a second language,” for example) but somehow it never falls into forcedness or tedium because the character is so confused and so earnest in her desire to believe language can reflect life, can be reliable, can make the world work right. Anyway, I recommend it.

*How Carrie Brownstein talks to Aimee Mann in that one scene. I know, last year. Doesn’t make her less perf.

*Other people. Having friends. You.

17 responses to “Now digging”

  1. SG says:

    I am really, really, really digging how many things you are digging right now!

  2. A White Bear says:

    The thing about Santorum’s wife? Like oh my God? I don’t even know what to say about that, except that Christians are always the most interesting sinners. It’s like when Christine O’Donnell was all trying to show her sinner street cred by saying, hey man, we’ve all done things in the past, like partaking in midnight witchcraft ceremonies on dates in high school. I’m you!

    I also dig the number of things dug. I feel more optimistic just reading this and thinking about e.g. how much you are liking coconut milk right now.

  3. swells says:

    AWB: yep, it’s pretty rich. And I keep wondering why we haven’t heard more about it, and I’d like to think it’s because it’s none of our goshdarn business what she does in her private life and she should be able to do whatever she wants. Just like I know she and her superhero wouldn’t be judging or controlling me if I so much as put an aspirin between my knees, right?

  4. Rachel says:

    Swells! We are totally on the same wavelength! I was just contemplating my own “now digging” list for next week. Can I put your list on my list? ‘Cause this is awesome.

    I loved Bossypants too, mostly because of the Chicago connection. I was living in Rogers Park and working in Evanston at the exact same time as Tina Fey, and was wondering if we maybe didn’t hang out at the Heartland Cafe eating sweet potato fries (this was the mid-nineties, people, they practically INVENTED sweet potato fries) or talking to that head injury guy at virtually the same time. Small world. Oh, and I have huge eyebrows too. It’s like we’re the same person, minus that whole ‘comic genius, SNL-head-writer-prodigy’ thing.

    Longing to see you in a head wrap someday. xx

  5. FPS says:

    Lorrie Moore!! I once sent her what amounted to fan mail. Anagrams isn’t even my favorite but I think it has one of my favorite scenes in it, unless I’m confusing it with another of her books.

  6. 11 & 12 says:

    Mykki Blanco *is* the realest shit I heard in myself/selves.

  7. jeremy says:

    i am totally now digging your now digging list. especially the checklists. god, what is it about checking things off a list? it’s so uber-satisfying.

  8. LP says:

    Most happy-making post ever! And: I’m totally digging you in your headwrap. And your man as SKY.

  9. J-Man says:

    I’m speechless about how good this post is. Love the videos! Love the checking off of lists! And just when I thought you couldn’t get any more stylin’, I love the headwrap! Love SG’s varying shades of blue! I’m going to make a checklist of everything I like on this post and check them all off. Done and done!

  10. farrell fawcett says:

    Aw Swells, you really find the joy in life. thank you. I love how many great things you stuff in this post. and agreed, it is a fab video. and it’s also a fab photo of your color-gifted hubbs. and i love me some checklists and “carrying a tiny surprise.” Yes, yes, yes yes. And I’m excited to try out coconut milk and LM’s Anagrams. And one last thing, while I’m here, yes, to your comment a couple days ago, The Counterlife is also one of my favorite books. I even wrote a long paper about it years ago. It deserves praise. I’m glad you didn’t let all the Roth-bashing go uncontested. Youse the best…

  11. TGW says:

    I . . . I’m alive! Can you feel it, people? Can you feel my heart beat?

    Oh whoa, heartbeat! It’s a love beat! And a love beat is a good vibration!

  12. TGW says:

    Speaking of love beat, congrats Maryland! One state at a time baby! Love is patient…

  13. trixie says:

    oh HELLS YES.
    swells, brilliant post. you brought me out of hiding.

    more photos would be entertaining. i would suggest you and scotty G doing turbans, sunsets, aesthetic references to anagrams, coconut milk, and et cetera.

    or just get half-nekkid and make references to philip roth. i am sure he won’t mind.

  14. T-Dub says:

    Love this list! No one (and I do mean no one) rocks the threads like our man Godfrey.

  15. swells says:

    I’m grateful to all of you for your digging, and I dig you all. I dig you Farrell for digging the Counterlife. I am especially grateful to my very dug Bryan Waterman for the Mykki-Mykki Blanco tip. I am most grateful, however, to AWB for reminding me of Christine O’Donnell! I can’t believe I’ve gone several months without thinking about “I’m you!”–one of my favorite political things ever. Totally digging! I am going to put “Think about ‘I’m you!'” on a checklist so I remember to enjoy it every day.

  16. lisatree says:

    hello. lurking. digging. and re-reading Lorrie Moore. come ovah with your damn headwrap.

  17. swells says:

    um, i just did, a few days ago. remember? headwrap and all!