Eurovision Song Contest winners, 1970-79

Exactly what the title says. You’re welcome.

(It should surprise no one that 1974 and ’76 are my favorites)


6 responses to “Eurovision Song Contest winners, 1970-79”

  1. Mr. Magoo says:

    PS: If anyone else wants to post today, please do! I just felt like throwing this up there this morning.

  2. Mr. Magoo says:

    Ha, ha. Dammit.

  3. Mrs. Magoo says:

    Wow – Horshack was in a Eurovision-winning group in the ’70’s? Who knew?!

  4. Stella says:

    I think I watched all of these live from 73 onwards. It’s what we did in Europe.

  5. swells says:

    Has Israel always been in Europe?

  6. Mrs. Magoo says:

    It was in the 70’s.