Thursday playlist: four things

Before I start, I want to thank all of the wonderful people who have been posting and commenting lately with brightness and intelligence and keeping the conversations going. Thanks to all of you. I love TGW and I still check in here almost every day. And I'll continue to do that. Onward dears!

Also, forgive the way this looks. I couldn't get the software to cooperate tonight. Anyone smarter than WordPress code who wants to fix this, please do so.

Here are a few things that got in my head lately:

1.) The Portlandia sketch from last Friday–the dream of the 1890s. I can't stop singing it.

2.) Stupid Adele and her stupid song. I also can't stop singing it. I think this particular song virus afflicted most of America several months ago. Somehow we avoided this infection until a couple weeks ago and it's only just finally starting to go away. Try not to catch it. If you did, this SNL sketch will help you get over it faster. Good luck!

3.) This “Whistle for Peace in the Congo.” This necklace is not a joke. Am I mistaken for cringing at this kind of product? Yes, some of the proceeds go to charity, yadayada. But really, a crystal encrusted version for $498. Nothing quite says Happy Valentine's Day like using the memory of murdered African children to sell bedazzled neck jewelry!

4.) The SNL Downton Abbey sketch. This is the only good link I could find. It's the video after Lana Del Rey. “You pissed off the chicken lady!” Enjoy!



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2 responses to “Thursday playlist: four things”

  1. F. P. Smearcase says:

    The Downton Abbey thingy made me laugh. It’s funny because it’s true.

    I maybe overdosed a little on season I of Portlandia and can’t quite watch more right now. Cacao on Portlandia.

  2. A White Bear says:

    Oh my God, the description of that necklace is killing me. It is way too easy to imagine complimenting a fancy lady at an after-work thing–oh hey like your little whistle there–and then she smiles smugly and sadly and starts talking about how the boys blow the whistles and receive in their little bodies all the… I can’t.