Tuesday retro

1. Go now to Retronaut, a site with random compendia of fascinating vintage images. It will suck up untold hours if you let it. The page on the “Encyclopedia of Home Improvement, 1970” is what first sucked me in…


…but you can also enjoy such wonders as “Evolution of US Breakfast Cereals“…


…”Typewriter Erotica, 1920s“…


… “Soviet Car Ads, 1960s / 1970s” …


…or “Black Cat auditions in Hollywood, 1961.”


Bonus video:  A friend sent me this video of her friend appearing on Jimmy Kimmel to show off his macaroni-and-cheese box collection. I was worried at first that Jimmy Kimmel and his guest Andy Garcia were going to be cruel. But there’s a sweet moment at the end, and I do believe the mac-and-cheese man comes off quite well.



4 responses to “Tuesday retro”

  1. Tim says:

    Yay! Thank you, LP, for sharing your internet finds with us. I’ll be spending some time poring over that typewriter erotica, for sure.

    I have to say I dig the mac & cheese box collection. Kimmel, though, seems incapable of not being condescending. It could have been a very different piece if he had gone with the camp. Of course, that might mean somebody would think he’s G-A-Y, which seems his greatest concern.

  2. Oh, Boo Berry. High on the list of things that make me sad: direct evidence of marketing departments trying to make dorky old stuff cool. A friend of mine found his first boyfriend online and he was the PR guy for C/abber G/rl Cornstarch and had given the iconic character, I don’t remember, sunglasses or a heroin addiction or something. Some things are forever dowdy and should be.

    I want to live in the first photo.

  3. LP says:

    Timo, as you have no doubt surmised, I chose that typewriter erotica especially for you. And yes, Kimmel was condescending, as was Andy G – but they did get all nicey-nice in the end, which kind of saved it for me.

    Smearcase, I too want to live in the ’70s living room. All the photos in that set are so… spectacular. It was difficult to choose just one.

  4. J-Man says:

    The top foto is fabulous! Speaking of which, all youse retro-loving Southlanders should check out the California Design exhibit at LACMA if you can. It’s hipsterrific!