A few things I’ve been looking at

“Being a Maid”.
Mormonism dealing with the internet.
“The Aesthetics of Authority”.
A Szymborska poem, complete with cat and link to an alternate translation.
“Kim Jong Un Looking at Things”.
Bonus video: All kinds of text and subtext at a UC town hall meeting about Occupy.

5 responses to “A few things I’ve been looking at”

  1. KS says:

    That article about Mormonism dealing with the internet wasn’t what I expected…I thought it was going to be about the difficulties of keeping missionaries off skype and cell phones and texting and emails and such, not the perils of making so much negativity surrounding their history and faith so easily accessible to the younguns whose retention levels are dropping.

    When i was 16 and in love with a missionary, he sometimes would break the rules ever so slightly and arrange via a letter for me to get a one-ring phone call at a designated time/date that would let me know he was sending me love or this thoughts or whatever. There was no answering, no words, just the ring. That was a decent violation for him, I think. Imagine all the ways a missionary could NOW use technology to violate rules.

  2. KS says:

    OMG, “Being a Maid” is a fantastic, powerful article. Thank you for the link.

  3. lane says:

    “artists, the elite of the servant class”… j.johns

    sax player, maid… yeah that’s about right.

  4. lane says:

    i though this was a great imagistic impressionistic kind of post.

    art and class.
    the collapse of ideology
    aesthetics and the messiness of democracy
    more art and the collapse of ideology
    more,,, the collapse of ideology… closing with comments by two black guys.

    which kind of takes you back to the beginning.

    and that was my first comment, art about the widening of rich and poor… the gyre, and the collapse of ideology… the center will not hold.

    (and now i’m acting like an academic, instead of an artist.)

    so it goes…