Monday photo: 2/20/12

I’ve been fascinated by scratch-off lottery tickets for some time now. ¬†They really are the professional wrestling of gambling.



4 responses to “Monday photo: 2/20/12”

  1. LP says:

    Every xmas, RB’s brother gets us all scratch tickets as a gift. I’m not a huge fan of them in principle, since you’re never gonna win more than you spend, unless you’re very lucky. But I have to admit, grabbing a coin and scratching to see if you can match your lucky horseshoe or diamond or leprechaun or whatever is kind of fun, at least when you’re in a crowd of tipsy people shrieking every time someone wins a dollar.

    Love this photo… and who knew there were crossword-puzzle-themed tickets??

  2. Say more about “professional wrestling of gambling”…?

  3. SG says:

    By the professional wrestling of gambling, I meant that they both seem to appeal to the lowest common denominator (I hope I didn’t just insult one of you out there). Also, both are completely pre-determined. When you pick a ticket, you can wish all day long for a different outcome, but it’s already there under that grey film. So both are ultimately scripted events…

    And let’s not forget about the flashy names and colors that are involved in both — again, to appeal to the reptile brain.

  4. J Wood says:

    I love this photo