Yes, the Watts Towers are that amazing

I deeply apologize to anyone who’s visited me in SoCal. I’ve failed you all by not bringing you to see the Watts Towers. I toured them today for the first time, and I vow to bring all who come out in the future. They really are the most inspired works that I’ve ever seen.


14 responses to “Yes, the Watts Towers are that amazing”

  1. lane says:

    count us in!… we talk about l.a. all the time and can’t wait to go back!

    great shots!

  2. Protective Services says:

    Wow – these photos make me want to go right now. Watts Towers – who knew? I especially love the embedded 7-UP bottles. Found beauty is so beautiful.

  3. Protective Services says:

    Ha! Ha! Whoops. I’m still under cover.

  4. TGW says:

    Protective Services! How was your weekend? I’ll meet you at Watts Towers sometime if you promise not to take me away from my family here at the blog.

    Scotty, these are lovely photos. Thanks!

  5. J-Man says:

    Love these photos! I’ve seen many shots of the towers from afar, but none of the individual tiles and bottles up close. I also love the tint of the photos – it makes the colors look even more delicious. I’m ashamed to say that even though I’m a native Angelino, I’ve yet to visit ye olde Watts Towers. Imma bad Southlander. If you ever wanna go again, let me know…

  6. lane says:

    and the movie!… wow, just great. as good as namuth on pollack, and so similar actually, the two artists.

    don judd would love this shit…

    especially watching it at the safe remove of youtube… on an ipad 2.

    thanks scotty.

  7. KS says:

    Thank you, Scotty G, for bringing this amazing structure to my awareness. I hope to visit it one day–this is the kind of art that makes me get all verklempt. Your close ups completely transform the way I look at the larger pieces. It is always cool to see the world through your eyes. Sorry I haven’t told you more often that I like your photography/vision.

  8. FPS says:

    Wow, puts me in mind of the Sagrada Familia.

  9. Tim says:

    I, too, can’t help but think of Gaudi when I see these great photos. I can’t believe I’ve lived in LA for over 8 years and have never gone. This must be corrected!

  10. swells says:

    On the tour, everybody was all “Gaudi, Gaudi!” and the tour guide, rather emphatically, kept reminding us that the builder, Rodia, HAD NOT HEARD OF GAUDI and that when people made him aware of Gaudi, Rodia said “DId he finish the Sagrada Familia? No? I finished my towers. Did he have help? Yes? I did it all myself.” Seems to be a point of pride or at least resentment, that the comparison is there (though of course it’s impossible not to make it!)

  11. lane says:

    yeah Gaudi, I thought that too.

    that horror vacui impulse to decorate and elaborate every surface… it’s … well, anyway.

    did anyone else watch the movie? it’s so bleak and strange Gaudi, yes, but Howard Finster too. And Donald Judd. It’s all the same. Desperate, creepy, … Like Mary Heilmann says “To Be Someone”

  12. Josh K-sky says:

    Great shots. Endorse endorse endorse.

  13. SG says:

    Thanks for all the nice words about my photos. They really were the easiest shots to take…

  14. LJT says:

    MIKE KELLEY!!!!!

    R.I.P… truly truly truly sad… if you live in L.A. and you know not of Mike Kelley… get thee to … Gagosian, I guess… Get your Helter Skelter catalog.

    L.A. lost one of it’s great great great artists.

    he took his own life… very sad.