Great moments in advertising, part 36DD

7 responses to “Great moments in advertising, part 36DD”

  1. Ivy says:

    Ha! Enjoyed globally. Poor Sabrina, even she looks surprised…

  2. LP says:

    Aha – now we know what it takes to bring Ivy out of the woodwork! “World’s finest projection equipment” indeed.

  3. Ivy says:

    It’s the ‘…HER’ that fascinates me. Surely this implies…

    My 11-year-old step-daughter had a similar look of abject bemusement after seeing the results of wearing her brand new training bra for the first time. (Although training for what exactly we have yet to truly ascertain. Boobage?)

  4. Dave says:


    Speaking of vintage projector advertisements, I saw this the other day, and while it’s clearly not as great, it’s kinda cool.

  5. PB says:

    They had better bras then. Or should I say, bras with a more clearly defined purpose.

  6. As the kids on the internet say (or said at some point): what is that I don’t even.

  7. Blume says:

    You have to have a pieced cup to get that kind of a shape (or anything close to it, like the less exaggerated pointy shape typical of the era). At least three pieces of fabric. Today’s molded cups (the “t-shirt bra”) can only make things round round round.