Ad on the way to the courthouse:

8 responses to “Ick”

  1. Swells says:

    YOUUUUUUUHHHHHHH’RE WORTH IT. And nobody else is worth jack.

  2. FPS says:

    Where would one begin listing the things that are wrong with this…

  3. FPS says:

    Points are awarded, however, for not spelling Rikers with an apostrophe–a very common mistake.

  4. LP says:

    Only seven figures? At the best firm in the city? You need to up your game.

  5. Tim says:

    I love how this is an ad for vodka, not whisky. In the US, anyway, most everyone makes mixed drinks with vodka, unlike Eastern Europe, where they tend to drink it straight. This is something you’re going to mix with grapefruit juice or tonic anyway, so does it really matter how great it is? Vodka is ethanol cut with water, so there’s only so much you can do with it. Sure, there are better and lesser vodkas, but mostly that has to do with the efforts the distillers make to filter out the impurities and the quality of the water they use to cut it, not the ingredients that are distilled. It’s perfect that the bottle proudly proclaims, “Distilled from Grain and Potato.” That the nouns are singular makes it so classy.

  6. Dave says:

    Yeah, amazing, right? I kept meaning to blog it, and this morning I was on my way to court with no blog post yet, so here you go.

    Among the many things wrong with it (and marketing any “premium” vodka is going to be weird, because like Tim says, vodka is just supposed to be pure grain alcohol watered down to 80 proof), is that it’s in Boston (so nowhere near Rikers) and on the way to a courthouse where no one earning anywhere near seven figures is likely to be found. Aspirational douchebaggery, I guess.

  7. lane says:


    my boston friends tell me, aspirational douchbaggery is in the air up there.

    and when did douchbag become so big… it’s the slam of the moment…

  8. lane says:

    and the script font.

    : – (