Ghost of christmas yet to come

8 responses to “Ghost of christmas yet to come”

  1. Tim says:

    I’m wondering how you got light on the mannequin face. Was it just ambient light bouncing off the ceiling and/or coming from the side window? However you did it, it’s super cool.

  2. ScottyGee says:

    Thanks Tim. It was just the light coming from the windows. The really surprising thing about the shot is how clear the outline of my image is. I snapped the picture with a super long exposure, then ran into the picture and sat down. I expected a much blurrier image of myself.

  3. Dave says:

    Oh wow, that’s one exposure? Even cooler.

  4. ScottyGee says:

    Yeah, I guess it’s not impressive if one assumes that it’s Photoshopped. Now you know to be really super-duper impressed!

  5. LP says:

    Well, I assumed that you actually photographed a ghost. That was REALLY super duper impressive!

  6. Dave says:

    I thought it was a double exposure, but you probably can’t do that with digital?

  7. KS says:

    Cool photo, but I’m especially digging the digs. Looks like the pad of a beat poet. Maybe everyone should submit a photo of their favorite room.

  8. ScottyGee says:

    That’s a great idea. I’d happily post them if you all emailed such photos to me.