Guest photographer: Leon Alesi

Leon texted me this photo a few weeks ago, and I keep returning to it because it’s compositionally perfect — there, I said it, “perfect.”

3 responses to “Guest photographer: Leon Alesi”

  1. Tim says:

    Among the many things to admire about this photo, I love most the multiple depths of field–the apron of the driveway, the curb’s edge, the door, the stone wall, the cinder block, the garage door, and, especially, the window through to another window and the exterior. What appears at first to be more or less flattened out reveals, on further contemplation, the complexity of many different planes. This is not even to mention the light and shadows and that tiny broken curved sliver of light reflected off the edge of the weight at the base of the stone wall. It’s hard not to see that weight as the focal point, out of which everything else radiates and to which it returns. I could go on and on. Excellent photo!

  2. S. Godfree says:

    I am always thrilled when Leon sends me photos. Thanks to him for allowing me to post them from time to time.

  3. lane says:

    very nice, i especially like the window on the right.