Thursday Playlist: Random things I can't get off my mind lately

1.) The Human Centipede. I can't bring myself to watch the movie, but I can't stop wondering about some of the anatomic and scatalogic little details. Are there any intrepid film-goers out there who care to report?

2.) Will the Euro disappear?

3.) This tour video and song by Glass Candy

4.) How unfair not to be 25 and go to shows like that anymore. Crazy like a monkey. Ee Ee yoo hoo. Happy like a New Year. Ya Ya woo hoo.

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5.) Southern California is such a great place to live.

6.) Am I getting the wrong vibe or is Mandy Patinkin's character in Homeland a terrorist too?

7.) Or am I more paranoid than Claire Danes?

8.) My surprise at how much I liked Crazy Stupid Love.

9.) What car did LP finally buy? And what should I get when mine finally kicks the bucket?

10.) When will I stop feeling so bummed out about Winter coming?


17 responses to “Thursday Playlist: Random things I can't get off my mind lately”

  1. lane says:

    well ok, no one is 25 anymore, we all know this… and in fact i click over a new number today!

    However… when u are 25 you have, (or I had) all that shit about “what are you going to do!”… after the show. Work, Housing, Family.

    One NICE thing about being “middle age” which we all are here, is having some closure on those topics, so they don’t trouble so much. Now of course it’s the questions of “So this is my work, housing, and family?”… I suppose it’s important to feel like one “got what one asked for.” and if you do, then hopefully, you are satisfied.

    But shows after the smoking ban?!?… that seems to be the real issue. I don’t’ really miss the shows so much, and i’m looking forward to being an escort for a cool pack of tweens in the not too distant future. And i know it’s a public health issue. But damnit! I miss smoking at shows!!!! I miss the haze of nicotine and THC. Sure it’s “unfair” not to be 25…. but what’s really unfair is that 25 y.o. can’t smoke a joint at a show. That is so UN rock and roll…

    : – ) nice list!

    happy birthday to me!

  2. Tim says:

    I think you already know the answer to #10. It’s #5. Why resist?

  3. Tim says:

    P.S. Happy Birthday, Lane!

  4. A White Bear says:

    #1: Have you watched “Human Centipede: The Musical“? It’s quite funny and tells you some of what you want to know.

  5. Swells says:

    Farrell, when you tease me with even thinking something like #5, I can barely even stand it. LISTEN TO YOUR HEART. It’s gonna tell you what to do. Otherwise, please do not even make such statements because it puts me in a tizzy of longing and disappointment.

  6. lane says:

    thanks tim… i was thinking of 10 and 5 while scootering to school this morning. 72 degrees in February… yes very nice. but all that driving… we talk about that issue. it’s so nice walking to the store, and the park and to the subway… weather be damned. nyc rules!

  7. Andrew says:

    I did see Human Centipede. I wish I had had Crazy Stupid Love to watch as a palate cleaner right after. Speaking of palate cleaners, it’s about people who have their mouths sewn to butts. It’s gross.

  8. Missy says:

    I know way more than I want to about 1). Fair bit of obsession about that movie in my circle of friends I’ve even heard it from across the house, but didn’t actually go into the room. Hard to close ears to this, though:

    (rough paraphrase)
    Guy in front: I have to take a dump. (panicked, embarrassed, sad)
    Girl behind him: Damn! (or an approximation of that, since her mouth is sewn open)
    Mad scientist: Feed her! Feed her!

  9. Tim says:

    The fewer details shared here about #1, the better off I’ll be, thanks. I’m sure there are academics madly working overtime trying to be the first to publish their articles arguing that the film is a critique of consumer culture. And so it goes.

  10. F. P. Smearcase says:

    8) I meant to see that because I loved Emma Stone so much in Easy A but then I forgot. Maybe it’s on DVD now!

    1) AWB and I for some reason invented a horror spinoff called Bunny Centipede. It is difficult to remember how this came about.

    10) AAAGH can’t talk about it.

  11. ScottyGee says:

    According to a NYT article, German manufacturing groups are in favor of keeping the Zone together because Greece, Italy, and Spain are keeping the value of the Euro low, which is giving an advantage to German exporters — hence the lower cost of VWs, and their surge in popularity. This is a part of the story that everyone else has been missing. All I’ve heard to this point is how Germany is doing so well despite the rest of Europe, as opposed to because the rest of Europe is floundering.

    It’s funny (or not) the way we’re all so tied together — maybe the Human Centipede is really the perfect metaphor for the global economy!

  12. Rachel says:

    Very elegant, Scotty.

  13. A White Bear says:

    I forgot about Bunny Centipede! Aw! I’m gonna think about that all day.

  14. Tim says:

    Love the GC video, too! It’s clear to see how it connects to 10 and 5. It makes me want to go out to Joshua Tree and drive around in a convertible, shooting 8mm film of all of you beautiful people.

  15. LP says:

    9: Greetings from Hong Kong! Wifi is a miracle! And… The answer is: a sexy, Hott Prius!

  16. k-sky says:

    6. You are definitely supposed to be getting that vibe. Saul has something up his sleeve. I don’t think he’s going to turn out to be a sleeper, but he very well may have slipped the dude the blade. Most importantly, a) that show is awesome, and b) it never before occurred to me to cross Woody Allen with Brian Cox before Saul showed up.

  17. Farrell Fawcett says:

    Hahahaha!!!!!! You guys are funny! Andrew and Missy and Tim and Scotty and Rachel. Man, you guys made me laugh tonight. Thanks for all the comments. I wish this would happen every time I shared my odd thoughts. Y’all’s so clever and smart. And encouraging. Oh, So Cal, you will be mine again. XO!