Am I the last person to see this? It is mesmerizing. (Jump to :30 if you’re impatient.)

7 responses to “Dubsteppin”

  1. J-Man says:

    Wow! That’s so amazing – so fluid! Apparently I’m the last one to see this now.

  2. Tim says:

    No, *I’m* the last one to see this! I love how you can see the passing vehicles reflected in the glass behind him, so it’s clear that they didn’t use stop motion.

  3. LP says:

    Yes! That’s what seems so incredible – no stop-motion, no slow-motion… the guy’s just doing it all in one real-time take. Amazing control.

  4. J-Man says:

    I think I saw him butter the bottom of his shoes in the beginning.

  5. ScottyGee says:

    I find it interesting how we are still mesmerized by the question of whether or not someone had ‘artificial’ help in producing something. You may clearly see this reaction when what appears to be a photo is actually a painting or a drawing.

    Why is it that we’re so pleased to find out that someone ‘really’ did something rather than spliced it together or used a software to help in the production? I submit that it’s either the whole John Henry thing — we need to feel that we’re still better than our machines. Or that it taps into a childlike response — the How-did-he/she-do-that?? feeling that triggers a realization that there is still human potential to be discovered.

    Anyway, I loved that video. And yes, a lot more because it was done for reals…

    Now I’m the last one!

  6. PB says:

    Nope me.

    This is super cool, although I kept having visions of that nerd in high school who was always doing that weird robot guy dance to like a Journey song or something.

    And ScottyGee, I sort of fell in love with you all over again when you somehow referenced John Henry and the Matrix all in one comment. THAT was totally for reals.

  7. ScottyGee says:

    (Kicking the dirt) “Awe shucks!”